Here are some of the best bedroom decor tips that will help design and decorate your bedroom in the best way possible.

How to Paint an Ikea Dresser?

ikea dresser painting guide

To paint an Ikea dresser, you need to first gather materials such as sandpaper, primer, paint, and a top coat. Before starting, disassemble the dresser and remove all hardware for better sanding and painting. Choose a primer and paint that will stick to the dresser's material. Use proper painting methods and allow enough drying time

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How Deep Should Closets Be?

deep closet

Closets should be deep enough to suit their purpose and the size of items stored. The standard depth for reach-in closets is at least 24 inches to fit clothes on hangers without them being crushed. Walk-in closets should also start at a minimum depth of 24 inches. For a more spacious and comfortable walk-in closet,

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Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

debating the need for bedroom door locks

Bedroom doors can have locks to increase privacy and security, especially in shared living spaces or high-crime areas. However, locks can also hinder emergency access and may be dangerous for children. The choice to install locks should consider both the security benefits and the safety risks. Understanding door lock mechanisms, legal issues, and the occupants'

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Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow?

pillows turned yellow

Pillows turn yellow over time due to bodily fluids like oils, sweat, and saliva, along with shed skin cells and hair products. These substances react with the pillow materials and undergo discoloration when exposed to air and light. Regular washing and using pillow covers can slow down yellowing. However, if yellowing persists, it may be

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How to Wash White Sheets?

cleaning white bed linens

To wash white sheets effectively, start by separating them from colored laundry to avoid color transfer. Choose a detergent designed for white fabrics. Treat any stains with a pre-treatment product before washing. Follow the fabric's care instructions and select a gentle or normal wash cycle with warm water. For natural whitening, add baking soda or

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