How Much Does It Cost to Decorate a Bedroom?

cost of bedroom decoration

The cost to decorate a bedroom varies significantly. A basic setup might start at around $2,000, while a high-end design could exceed $15,000. This includes items like a bed frame, mattress, bedding, and lighting.

People on a tight budget may choose DIY options and shop at common retailers. Those who can spend more might pick designer labels, custom furniture, and hire interior designers.

Paint, wallpaper, and decorative items also contribute to the cost. It's important to align your spending with your financial limits while creating a comfortable and personalized bedroom.

Setting Your Bedroom Budget

Setting a budget is the first step in bedroom decorating to match your financial limits and design goals. Allocate funds carefully, with a main focus on essential items like the bed and bedding, which should take up about 25-30% of your budget, as they are key to the room's look and comfort.

Invest in high-quality furniture to improve the room's feel and longevity. Around 15-16% of your budget should go towards a durable dresser, which provides storage and contributes to the room's aesthetic. You can economize on nightstands and instead spend on other elements that add personality to the bedroom.

If your bedroom doesn't have carpeting, consider dedicating 15% of your budget to an area rug to add texture and warmth. Distributing your budget wisely will help create a unified and individualized space.

For a structured decorating process, a Room Design Recipe course could be helpful. These courses provide detailed guidance on making choices and budgeting for a well-coordinated bedroom.

Furniture Selection and Costs

Choosing the right furniture is crucial for bedroom decor, with costs differing based on quality and design choices. The bedroom, being a personal space, needs careful consideration. The cost to decorate a bedroom varies widely.

A quality bed, which is central to bedroom design, may take up about 25-30% of the budget, underscoring the need for a durable and comfortable option that suits your style.

A good dresser might account for roughly 15-16% of the budget. While less expensive alternatives may be tempting, a durable dresser is advisable for longevity and to match the bedroom's design. Savings can be made on nightstands, which don't undergo as much wear and tear.

Decorative items, like area rugs and chandeliers, are also part of the cost but don't have to be expensive to enhance the room's look. It's important to decide where to invest more and where to save. For instance, you can find affordable area rugs, even if you choose a more luxurious chandelier as a focal point.

Furnishing a bedroom can start at about $3,000, but can exceed $10,000 for luxury or custom pieces. Mattresses can cost up to $2,800 or more, highlighting the need for quality and comfort in furniture choices. When budgeting for bedroom furniture, aim for items that provide both style and durability for a well-rounded bedroom design.

Paint and Wallpaper Expenses

Paint and wallpaper are cost-effective options for bedroom decoration.

Paint is a budget-friendly choice, with average costs between $380 to $790, depending on room size and paint quality. DIY painting can cut expenses by eliminating labor costs.

Wallpaper offers distinctive patterns and textures, with prices ranging from $30 to $200 per roll based on design complexity and material quality. While more costly upfront, wallpaper may last longer without the need for touch-ups.

Choosing colors that complement furniture and window treatments is crucial for a unified design. Both paint and wallpaper can be paired with wall art to personalize a space.

The decision between paint and wallpaper rests on aesthetic preference, DIY willingness, and budget for creating an appealing bedroom environment.

Decorative Accessories Pricing

Decorative accessories can account for about 25% of a bedroom decoration budget and prices vary due to quality, brand, and design complexity. Consumers should allocate a considerable amount for these items. Prices range from affordable to high-end.

Accent chairs, which add functionality and style, start at $100 for basic models, but unique, high-quality designs may exceed $500. Side tables can cost from $50 for simple versions to several hundred dollars for designer ones.

Basic throw pillows are priced from $10, while custom or branded ones might cost $50 to $100 or more. Prices for lamps, artwork, and mirrors vary widely, reflecting the range of design options and brand value.

Final Touches and Miscellaneous Costs

Final touches such as lamps, wall art, and bedding are important for personalizing a bedroom and can affect the overall decoration cost. These items enhance the room's aesthetic and comfort. The choice of final touches depends on personal taste and the room's intended use. For example, a statement chandelier can change the room's mood, while soft lighting adds calmness. Wall art adds style, and quality bedding increases comfort.

For those on a budget, second-hand items or DIY decor can be cost-effective options for adding personality to the room. It is important to allocate part of the decoration budget for these expenses, as they can add up. Items like rugs, curtains, and throw pillows are key to creating a personal space. It's crucial to find a balance between cost, quality, and style to create a satisfying bedroom environment.

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