Will A 5×7 Rug Fit Under A Queen Bed?

5x7 rugs for a bedroom

A 5×7 rug can fit under a queen bed, which has standard dimensions of 60 inches by 80 inches. However, this size rug will only extend 24 inches on each side of the bed, not reaching past the bed’s end.

For a more proportionate design and comfort around the bed, a larger rug might be preferable. This guide will help you understand how a 5×7 rug interacts with a queen bed and offer advice on the best rug placement for bedroom decor.

Queen Bed Dimensions Overview

A queen bed typically measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Choosing the right size area rug for a queen bed is important for both function and design. The rug should be proportional to the bed to maintain a balanced look in the bedroom.

For a queen bed, the rug should extend 18 to 24 inches beyond the bed’s edges to provide comfort when getting out of bed. This helps frame the bed properly.

Common rug sizes for a queen bed include 5×7 feet, 5×8 feet, 6×9 feet, and 7×10 feet. These sizes offer sufficient coverage without covering the entire floor. For a larger look, 8×10 feet or 9×12 feet rugs can also be used, which can include the nightstands in the arrangement.

Rug Size Comparison

A 5×7 rug fits under a queen bed with 24 inches of space on each side but no overhang at the bed’s end.

A 6×9 rug gives 48 inches on each side without overhang at the end.

A 7×10 rug provides 60 inches on the sides, again with no end coverage.

An 8×10 rug, ideal for a queen bed, may be too large for small rooms.

A 5×7.5 rug can be placed under the bottom half of the bed, leaving 18 inches around, offering a balance between size and room proportion.

Optimal Rug Placement

For best placement of a 5×7 rug under a queen bed, center the rug under the bottom two-thirds of the bed to expose some flooring around the edges. This placement shows the rug from all sides and creates a unified look. The rug should extend past the foot of the bed and be positioned where you step out for comfort and decor. In a small room, this rug size fits without making the space feel crowded.

When arranging the rug, ensure it balances with the bed and the bedroom’s layout, without clashing with other furniture. A 5×7 rug can enhance the look and comfort of a bedroom if placed thoughtfully. It adds style, warmth, and a comfortable surface to step on. Proper rug placement can significantly affect the bedroom’s appearance and ambiance.

Styling With a 5×7 Rug

A 5×7 rug can effectively complement a queen bed in a bedroom by adding style and practicality. This size rug fits well in smaller bedrooms, enhancing the space without overpowering it. To achieve a balanced look, place the rug under the bottom two-thirds of the bed, allowing it to extend on each side and at the foot of the bed, providing about 24 inches of visible rug on each side for comfortable footing. Bedside tables should partially sit on the rug for consistency.

When selecting a 5×7 rug, choose a design that fits with the existing colors and decor of the bedroom, adding color, texture, and pattern. Properly placed, a 5×7 rug contributes to the room’s warmth and defines the area around the bed, making the space more inviting.

A thoughtfully chosen and positioned 5×7 rug is a functional and attractive addition to a bedroom with a queen bed.

Alternative Rug Recommendations

A 5×7 rug can complement a queen bed, but larger sizes or different shapes might be better for the room. A 6×9 rug is a good option for normal-sized bedrooms, offering ample space around the bed. For larger bedrooms, an 8×10 rug can provide a more luxurious feel and can fit under a king bed as well. Make sure to measure the room before choosing this size to maintain a balanced look.

A round area rug can introduce a distinctive element to the bedroom, but it should be placed carefully to center the bed and fit the layout. In very small bedrooms, two 4×6 rugs on each side of the bed can be a practical choice, allowing for flexibility.

When selecting a rug, it’s important to consider the existing decor, color scheme, and floor space to ensure it complements the bedroom both in function and style.

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