Will A 5×7 Rug Fit Under A Queen Bed? (6 Ways To Put It Under Bed)

5x7 rugs for a bedroom

One key to interior design harmony is maintaining the proportion of furniture sizes.

That’s why an important question we always get is; can a 5×7 rug fit under a queen bed?

Fitting 5×7 Rug Under A Queen Bed

A 5×7 rug can fit under a queen bed, but it’ll stop short before the nightstands. As a result, you might not find the rug directly under your feet when you wake up. You’ll also have fewer matching nightstand options.

You can nail rug placement with beginner’s luck, but it’s truly the craft of experienced interior designers.

So let’s discuss whether you should go for a larger rug? And how to make the best out of the 5×7 size?

Should You Put A 5×7 Rug In Your Bedroom?

A 5×7 rug isn’t ideal for a queen bed, so you might have to make some tradeoffs.

However, we all have different priorities when choosing rugs.

Therefore, it’s best to know why you need that rug in the bedroom to find the best alternatives.

If you’re thinking of skipping the rug altogether, think again.

Although looks are their primary role, rugs are more than flat pieces of decor.

Let’s review the roles a rug plays and how they can affect your choice of rug size.

1. Rugs Add Style To The Bedroom

Regarding looks, rugs make your room cozy and give it that sleek finishing touch by adding a layer of texture to the floor.

If placed under your queen bed, the rug will highlight it as the centerpiece and anchor the other dispersed furniture pieces.

If you prioritize room appearance and style, you’ll have to choose a smaller bed to stay in proportion with the small 5×7 rug.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t go for less than a 5×8 rug for larger queen beds.

2. Rugs Warm The Floor

Even if you can’t achieve the look you’re seeking; the rug will provide a welcoming, warm landing for your first steps in the morning.

In case your queen bed is too large for a 5×7 rug, you can place two separate runners along each side of the bed to warm the floor.

3. Rugs Make The Room Quiet And Organized

Rugs add to your room’s serenity by reducing echoes, especially when you have fewer furniture pieces.

If that’s what you’re looking for, the 5×7 rug will reduce noise whether it fits well under the queen bed or not.

Additionally, if you have a spacious room with different furniture groups, use several rugs to differentiate each space.

This is a subtle way of framing seating areas for specific activities, like reading or having breakfast.

In this regard, the 5×7 rug won’t effectively anchor the bed area furniture, especially if you have a bench in front.

Your rug will stop short of the nightstands, giving them a detached look.

4. Rugs Make The Room Look Larger

In general, bigger is better for area rugs.

Interestingly, larger rugs will make your bedroom look more spacious as long as it matches the furniture scale.

If you’re trying to make your small room feel big, a 5×7 feet rug won’t be your best choice.

Instead, look for a rug that leaves a margin of 6 to 18 inches in front of your room’s wall.

This will leave just enough exposed floor area to add interest and layering to the room.

How To Place A 5×7 Rug Under A Queen Bed?

Rug in a bedroom

You should only go for a 5×7 rug if you’re restricted by space or budget.

However, opportunities come with restrictions.

With little creativity and passion for decor, you can turn that small rug into a bedroom star.

Here are our tips to make the best of a 5×7 rug in your bedroom.

1. Place The Rug Perpendicular To The Bed

Like all rugs, you should place your 5×7 feet rug perpendicular to a queen bed.

This means that the longer side will stretch underneath your bed to provide more rug area along the bedside.

As a result, you’ll be able to comfortably put your feet down without worrying about missing the warm spot.

However, the downside to this placement for the small 5×7 rug is that the shorter side won’t extend to the nightstands.

Although this adds a layering appearance to the bedroom, the different furniture pieces might feel disconnected from each other.

2. Place The Rug Toward Your Bed’s Foot

To achieve the typical designer bedroom look, you should position your bed’s headboard by the wall at the center of the room.

Moreover, your rug has to extend 18 to 24 inches beyond the other three sides of the bed.

Therefore, you can place a 5×7 rug under the bottom half of your queen bed to have enough rug area beyond the foot.

If you can go for the slightly bigger 5×8 rug, you’ll be able to cover almost two-thirds of the area underneath your bed, which will look more gracious.

3. Use A Round Rug

Tight on budget? Why not rearrange those rug square inches into a round shape?

For sure, round rugs aren’t what you typically see in a decor magazine, but that’s why you’ll have a unique bedroom.

Besides, round rugs draw attention to the furniture pieces on top.

Ideally, your queen bed should be almost centered on an 8 feet wide round rug.

This will provide ample space on both sides and in front of the bed.

However, if you want to go for smaller round rugs, you’ll have to center them around the bed’s foot.

Otherwise, most of the rug will be hidden by the bed.

4. Place Your Queen Bed In The Corner

Tight on space? Try breaking the “bed as a centerpiece” rule by pushing your queen bed to the corner.

In this case, your 5×7 rug won’t have to stretch across the full bed width.

As a result, you’ll have more space for your feet since you lay the rug parallel to the bed length.

Additionally, you can get more creative and extend the headboard along both corner sides.

This will highlight the bed and blend it with the corner while providing extra support.

5. Place Your 5×7 Rug On The Side

For some people, a 5×7 rug won’t meet their desire of providing enough feet landing beside the bed.

Therefore, you can save up on the wasted rug area underneath your bed and just move the rug to the side.

The side placement is even more meaningful when you have bed drawers that will hide the rug area underneath the bed anyway.

Still, interior designers would typically pick a runner for the bedside instead of a rectangular rug.

That’s partly because the general bedside rule is to place the rugs in pairs to maintain balance.

Most probably, two runners will cost less than two 5×7 rugs.

6. Place Your 5×7 Rug In Infront Of The Bed

Finally, why not compromise on the warm feet landing and move your 5×7 rug to the front.

We know that’s a lot to ask for, but at least you won’t miss on the stylish decor statement.

Remember, you get to weigh your priorities, and that’s why we listed them earlier.

Still, the front placement will have an advantage if you have a unique bench that you would like to highlight with an attractive rug.

Be sure to enjoy sitting on that bench, for this is where your feet will find warmth.

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