What to Put in an Empty Corner of the Bedroom?

empty bedroom corner

To utilize an empty bedroom corner effectively, you might add a stylish armchair or chaise longue for both function and decoration.

A reading nook with a floor lamp and bookshelves can offer a peaceful space, while a small desk and shelves can establish a compact home office.

A vanity table with a mirror and stool can add elegance. Corner shelves or a plant stand can provide storage and style.

To enhance the ambiance, consider a unique floor lamp or string lights for soft lighting.

Lounge Corner Setup

To create a lounge corner in an empty bedroom, choose a comfortable sofa or daybed as the main feature for relaxation. A chaise longue is especially suitable for its spacious design and dual function as a seat and reading spot. Adding cushions and throws can increase comfort and add warmth and texture, allowing for customization through various colors and patterns.

A small coffee table is essential for holding items like drinks or books and contributes to the area's aesthetic. Position floor lamps behind the seating to provide adequate lighting for reading and enhance the atmosphere.

This setup creates an inviting space for relaxation at any time.

Mini Home Office

Convert a spare bedroom corner into a small home office by adding a compact desk and an ergonomic chair. This setup is increasingly relevant with the rise of remote work. Utilize the limited space effectively to establish a productive work area.

Choose furniture that fits the space and promotes organization. A desk with storage helps maintain a tidy area. An ergonomic chair is important for comfort and posture during extended work hours.

Good lighting is essential. A desk lamp or adjustable LED light can provide sufficient brightness, minimizing eye strain and helping with focus. The lighting should also match the bedroom's cozy feel.

Add personal touches like wall art, a plant, or an organizational board to enhance the space's look. This approach ensures the home office serves as both a practical workspace and a cohesive part of your bedroom decor.

Statement Seating

Homeowners often neglect the potential of an empty bedroom corner. Adding a statement chair can improve the look and utility of the room. An accent chair provides extra seating and acts as a decorative element. When choosing a chair, ensure it matches the room's decor.

A statement chair is versatile. For a modern, minimalist look, choose an occasional chair with simple lines and neutral colors. For eclectic or traditional bedrooms, consider a chair with bright patterns or rich textures to complement the style. The aim is to integrate the chair seamlessly into the room.

Comfort is important when choosing a chair. An armchair with soft upholstery or a chaise longue with cushions can make the corner a pleasant place for reading or relaxing. Select a chair that is both visually appealing and comfortable.

Adding decorative items like throw pillows or a blanket can increase the chair's comfort and visual appeal. Carefully choosing these accessories can make the bedroom corner both stylish and welcoming.

Cozy Reading Nook

Transform a bedroom corner into a reading nook by choosing an upholstered armchair or chaise lounge in a neutral color.

Add cushions or pillows for support and style, selecting colors that match your bedroom.

Place a small side table nearby for books and drinks.

Use a soft, warm lamp for reading light.

Carefully selected furniture and accessories can create a comfortable and stylish space for reading.

Vanity Table Addition

A vanity table can serve as both a personal grooming area and an addition to bedroom decor. When choosing a vanity table, ensure its design and size match the bedroom's style and color. A well-chosen vanity table enhances the bedroom's functionality and aesthetics.

A vanity with storage helps maintain a clean surface by organizing cosmetics and accessories. Including a mirror can give the illusion of a larger, brighter space. The vanity should not block walkways and should come with comfortable seating and proper lighting.

It can be used for applying makeup, storing jewelry, or as a writing desk.

Creative Storage Solutions

To convert an unused bedroom corner into a storage space without compromising style, consider these options:

  1. Corner bookcases come in various sizes and can store books, small items, and electronics while looking sleek.
  2. Floating shelves make good use of corner space, offering extra storage and a way to display decor. They can be arranged in different patterns for a personalized look.
  3. A pegboard provides flexible storage for hanging and shelving needs, ideal for accessories or arts and crafts. It can be customized with various hooks and fittings.
  4. Woven baskets provide a storage option for textiles or clothing and can enhance the room's decor with their texture and color.

These solutions can effectively turn a bedroom corner into a practical and stylish storage area.

Ambient Lighting Corner

Creative storage can tidy a bedroom corner, but adding ambient lighting with a floor lamp makes it cozy and welcoming. The right lamp serves as both a light source and a decorative piece. For reading corners, adjustable lamps are best, while lamps with dimmers provide a softer light for relaxation.

Mirrors can enhance ambient lighting by reflecting light, making the space brighter and creating the illusion of more room. They also add sophistication.

To complete the space, add elements like a statement chair or plants that match the lighting. This combination creates a comfortable spot for relaxation, showing that careful lighting choices improve a bedroom corner's atmosphere.

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