What Should Be on Your Bedside Table?

bedside table essentials guide

Your bedside table should include items that you might need during the night or when you wake up. A well-chosen lamp is important for reading at night without hurting your eyes. A clock can help you keep track of time. Aromatherapy products like a diffuser or scented candle can improve sleep quality.

Keep some books nearby to read before bed. To reduce distractions, keep technology devices away if possible. Have personal care items and a small container for personal items so they're easy to reach.

Your bedside table should be both useful and reflective of your personal taste.

The Perfect Lamp

When choosing a lamp like the Amazon Rivet Gold Table Lamp for your bedside, consider both its brightness and design. This lamp provides not only light but also adds to the room's decor. It offers sufficient light for reading without being too bright, which could affect sleep.

The lamp should fit well with the room's theme and be the right size for the bedside table and bed. The gold finish of the Amazon Rivet lamp can enhance the bedroom's appearance.

Time-Keeping Essentials

A bedside clock-radio helps you wake up on time and supports a regular sleep pattern. These devices are important for daily schedules. An alarm clock is not only functional but also represents a commitment to organization and managing time. When choosing one, look at both design and features. Modern alarm clocks offer multiple alarms, sleep-inducing sounds, and smart device integration.

A nightstand clock is useful for checking the time without using a phone, which can disrupt sleep. The style of the alarm clock can affect your room's look. Choose one that matches your decor and meets your needs. The right alarm clock can help create an orderly and peaceful bedroom, improving sleep quality and morning routines.

Sleep-Enhancing Aromatherapy

Using aromatherapy with sleep-promoting scents can enhance the quality of your sleep. Place a stone diffuser, such as the Amazon Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, near your bed to emit essential oils with calming effects, like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. These scents facilitate relaxation and sleep.

Additionally, sleep-inducing sprays, such as the Lush Twilight Body Spray, can be applied to your sleeping area or bed linens for added benefits. The fragrance can signal your body to relax.

Complementing your aromatherapy with a tissue box cover, for example, the Anthropologie Snow Angel Tissue Box, adds convenience and a decorative touch to your bedside table.

Including a lip balm on your bedside table can prevent dry lips, ensuring you wake up comfortable and well-rested.

Comforting Nighttime Reads

Adding comforting books to your nightly routine can improve your sleep by easing the transition to rest. Reading before bed signals to your body that it's time to relax. Choose books with calming stories, poetry, or simple subjects to help your mind unwind. Avoid engaging with complex or exciting content before sleep.

Keeping a selection of books nearby on your bedside table encourages a consistent pre-sleep reading habit. This replaces the time you might spend on electronic devices, which emit blue light that can disrupt sleep.

Having various calming books to choose from can match your mood each night. This could include a familiar novel, soothing poetry, or a light magazine.

Tech for Convenience

A smart charger with multiple ports on your bedside table enables you to charge several devices at once, reducing clutter from cables and the inconvenience of charging in different places.

A multi-functional phone stand that also holds a vase can add to the room's decor while keeping your phone in view.

Place a tissue box cover on the table to keep tissues handy and a journal for easy note-taking or reflection.

Consider storing a silk sleep mask in the drawer for better sleep quality, and keep a bottle of Lush Twilight Body Spray close by to use before sleeping to help you relax.

Adding these items to your bedside table improves its usefulness and the overall atmosphere of your bedroom, promoting relaxation and readiness for the next day.

Personal Care Items

Keep essential personal care items on your bedside table for convenience at night and in the morning. These can include a lip balm and hand cream to prevent dry skin, placed in a drawer for easy access.

A silk eye mask can block light and improve sleep; keep it on the table to use it regularly.

Store a notebook and pencil in the drawer for writing down thoughts or dreams.

Use a small bowl or tray to hold jewelry or glasses safely.

Organizing your bedside table with these items can help with relaxation and self-care.

Space for Sentimentality

A bedside table can hold personal items like love notes or family photos to create a comforting bedroom environment, making it more than just furniture. The top drawer is suitable for storing sensitive items such as a notebook and pencil for thoughts or dreams. It acts as a private area for personal reflections.

The table's surface can hold a trinket tray for jewelry, particularly items of sentimental value or family heirlooms, keeping them organized and adding personal history to the space.

Adding a vase with flowers or a plant can introduce a calming element, contributing to a space conducive to remembering and cherishing memories.

The bottom drawer can be used for larger keepsakes or extra notebooks, helping to keep the space tidy while still holding items of personal importance. This organization turns the bedside table into a personal space filled with significant memories and items.

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