What Happens to a Sleep Number When the Power Goes Out?

man sleeping on sleep number bed

When a power outage occurs, Sleep Number beds cannot adjust their firmness levels because they need electricity to operate. The bed will maintain the firmness setting it had before the power was lost, so sleep quality remains unchanged initially.

Let’s now cover the impact of power outages on Sleep Number settings, how to manage without power, the bed’s features for these situations, and actions to take when power returns.

Initial Power Outage Response

In the event of a power outage, a Sleep Number bed with an adjustable base can use its built-in power outage module to continue functioning. This module allows users to adjust their mattress air levels for comfortable sleep despite the lack of power. The system has a backup feature to keep the bed from deflating.

The power outage module is part of the bed’s design, reflecting Sleep Number’s focus on comfort and convenience. When power is lost, the module enables air setting adjustments to preserve the bed’s firmness. Without power, the bed cannot regulate its dual air chambers that provide support.

The module’s effectiveness depends on having working batteries. Being prepared for power outages means checking the batteries and knowing how to operate the bed manually. With this preparation, the adjustable base can be set to a flat position quickly, avoiding discomfort from bed deflation during an outage.

Sleep Number Settings Retention

Sleep Number beds have a settings retention feature that maintains the user’s preferred firmness level during a power outage. This function is part of the bed’s design to personalize sleep comfort. It protects the user’s comfort settings during a power cut.

This is especially useful for Sleep Number’s hybrid mattresses that combine an adjustable air chamber with spring support. The settings retention ensures that sleep quality is not affected by a lack of electrical power, keeping the mattress at the user’s chosen firmness level.

The retention system is essential for those who need consistent sleeping conditions. It keeps the bed’s firmness and position settings unchanged during an outage. After power returns, the bed operates normally without manual adjustments.

In short, Sleep Number beds’ settings retention feature keeps the sleeping environment consistent during power outages, reflecting the brand’s commitment to providing uninterrupted, quality sleep with their adjustable beds.

Manual Adjustment Options

Sleep Number beds include manual adjustment options to allow users to change the position of their adjustable bases during power outages. This feature is important for maintaining comfort if the power fails unexpectedly.

These beds come with a power outage module that requires two 9-volt batteries. It provides a one-time reset to return the bed to a flat position when there’s no power. This ensures users are not stuck in an awkward position during an outage.

Customer service plays a key role in helping users with manual adjustments. Sleep Number’s support team offers guidance to ensure customers can easily make the adjustments.

The manual adjustment system is designed to be simple and supportive for users of all sizes. It allows for comfort continuity during power outages, highlighting the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and sleep quality.

Post-Power Restoration Process

After the power comes back on, it is important to check and replace the batteries in the Sleep Number bed’s power outage module if needed. This ensures the bed works properly.

Next, users should test the bed’s control system to confirm all settings are working correctly. If any problems arise, users should contact customer service for assistance, as most issues can be resolved with over-the-phone troubleshooting.

If further help is needed, Nine Clouds Beds’ support team will arrange a follow-up call. Users are advised not to delay if they notice any issues with their bed’s operation, as addressing power-related problems quickly can prevent more serious issues later on.

Nine Clouds Beds highlights the need to understand the steps to take after a power outage to maintain the performance and benefits of the Sleep Number bed. Acting quickly after an outage can help maintain the bed’s comfort and reliability.

Preparing for Future Outages

To prepare for potential power outages, Sleep Number bed owners should consider backup power solutions and learn emergency procedures. Purchasing a UPS power supply can help maintain sleep quality during an outage by preserving bed settings throughout the night.

Additionally, investing in an adjustable base with a built-in power outage feature is recommended. For example, the Supreme adjustable base from Nine Clouds Beds includes this capability, which typically requires two 9-volt batteries to adjust the bed to a flat position at least once during a power loss.

It is important to not only acquire backup power devices like a UPS or a power outage module but also to keep the required batteries available.

For further information on alternative power solutions and their limitations, it’s advisable to continue researching and consult with suppliers such as Nine Clouds Beds. Their expertise can assist in ensuring comfort and uninterrupted sleep during unexpected power outages.

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