What Are the Standard Sizes of Pillowcases?

standard pillowcase

Standard pillowcases have three main sizes.

The standard size is 20 inches by 26 inches, fitting standard pillows.

Queen size pillowcases are 20 inches by 30 inches, suitable for queen pillows.

King size pillowcases measure 20 inches by 36 inches, designed for king pillows.

Choosing the right size pillowcase is important for the pillow's protection and to ensure it keeps its shape and support.

Understanding Pillowcase Dimensions

Standard pillowcases typically measure 20 to 21 inches wide and 26 to 27 inches long. They fit standard and queen-sized pillows and are well-suited for twin and twin XL mattresses.

Queen pillowcases are slightly longer, with an additional four inches in length, ideal for a queen mattress and accommodating two queen pillows side by side.

King pillowcases are larger, measuring 10 inches longer than standard ones, and are designed for king pillows on a king size mattress.

Specialty sizes, such as those for body pillows, are available and tailored for specific pillow shapes. Pillow shams are decorative covers with varying sizes and should be matched carefully with the pillow size.

Before buying pillowcases, measure your pillows to ensure a proper fit for both function and aesthetics.

Standard Size Pillowcase

Standard pillowcases measure 20 by 26 inches and are designed to fit both standard and queen size pillows. They work well with twin, twin XL, and full mattresses, and usually come as a single piece in smaller bedding sets or in pairs with larger sets for queen and king beds.

Their main function is to protect the pillow from damage and maintain cleanliness, as they can be easily removed and washed. Available in various materials like cotton, silk, and flannel, standard pillowcases cater to different preferences in texture and care.

Queen Size Pillowcase

Queen size pillowcases measure 20 inches by 30 inches, suitable for the longer queen pillows. These pillowcases cover the entire pillow to maintain comfort without any part sticking out.

These pillowcases are recommended for those with queen size mattresses to ensure the bedding looks good and works well together. They are 4 inches longer than standard pillowcases (20 x 26 inches), creating a more luxurious look.

A standard pillowcase might fit a queen pillow but can be tight and affect the pillow's shape. Queen size pillowcases are available in various materials and styles to match personal preferences and decor.

To prevent compressing the pillow and to keep the look and support intact, a queen size pillowcase is suggested for pillows around 26 x 20 inches or slightly larger. This choice ensures a proper fit and contributes to a comfortable sleep setup.

King Size Pillowcase

King size pillowcases measure 20 inches by 36 inches, suitable for larger pillows. They offer ample space for movement and fit the most oversized pillows comfortably. These pillowcases are well-matched with king size pillows, complementing the 76-inch width of a king size mattress perfectly.

The king size pillowcase can also cover larger specialty pillows, such as some Euro pillows. It is not recommended for smaller pillows due to excess fabric that may compromise the look and comfort.

These pillowcases are compatible with California king beds, aligning with the bed's dimensions for a cohesive look. However, for those with queen-sized beds or varied sleeping positions, queen pillows might be a better choice to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Specialty Pillowcase Sizes

Specialty pillowcases are made to fit pillows that don't match standard sizes, such as body, Euro, and orthopedic pillows. These pillowcases match the unique dimensions needed for each pillow type to provide the right coverage and support.

Body pillowcases typically measure 20 by 54 inches to fit the long shape of body pillows used for extra support while sleeping or relaxing.

Euro pillowcases are designed for 26 x 26-inch square pillows, which are often used for decoration or as a backrest in bed. These pillowcases need to fit well to maintain the pillow's shape and look.

Orthopedic pillows, which are used for comfort or health reasons, might have specific shapes like memory foam neck supports or C-shaped travel pillows. These often come with their covers, but sometimes a separate specialty pillowcase is needed to fit their unique shape.

There are various pillowcase sizes available to fit the different types of specialty pillows, ensuring protection and the intended use of these pillows, whether for comfort, support, or decoration.

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