Is A Queen Bed Big Enough For Two? [What Makes It Ideal For Two?]

Queen bed in bedroom

A queen-sized bed with its 60-inch-wide and 80-inch-long measurements is a popular choice among couples.

However, if you or your partner are taller than six feet, then you might wonder if it’s big enough for two?

Queen Bed For Two People

Yes, a queen bed is big enough for two. The dimensions of the bed allow two people enough space to enjoy their personal space while also feeling the warmth of the other. Yet, some people might find it too narrow if they plan on using it for an extended time.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about what might make a queen-sized bed the right fit for you.

Why Is A Queen Bed Popular?

A queen bed’s popularity is due to its mixture of comfort and intimacy.

It’s easy to accommodate comfortably in most bedrooms.

With a full setup, though, it may make smaller bedrooms seem stuffy.

It’s also ideal for taller persons due to its height.

The width gives you ample room to move around, plus you may use it whether you’re alone, with a pet, or if there are two of you.

While a queen bed may easily fit two people, it has its good and bad aspects.

What Makes A Queen Bed The Ideal Choice For Two?

There are many benefits of a queen bed that make it a great choice for two people.

1. Has The Right Size

In terms of size, the queen bed is 60-inches wide and 80-inches long.

On average, a person needs 30 inches to sleep comfortably.

The width can be a little snug for two people, but if they love cuddling, then it’s the perfect fit.

Compared to the king bed, which is 76-inch-wide and 80-inch-long, the queen bed offers you more intimacy.

The king bed’s too-wide size gives the impression that both individuals are sleeping separately.

On the other hand, a full bed that comes with a 54-inch width leaves you both with nowhere to go.

A queen bed, being large enough for two people and narrow enough to enjoy the comfort of the other person’s presence, is, therefore, a neutral, middle choice.

2. Doesn’t Take Much Space

As for the space it takes, the bed isn’t that huge.

It only needs an average room of ten by ten feet or 121 to 132 square feet.

As a result, it won’t crowd the area in any standard bedroom, such as a guest room or a modest master bedroom.

It also allows sufficient breadth to add additional furniture and lets you walk around.

3. Affordable

A queen bed costs less than a king bed but more than a full-size bed.

That being said, the difference in prices between a full-size bed and a queen isn’t that significant.

A queen bed offers you the luxurious width that comes with a king bed but at a full-size bed price.

The queen bed accessories are also more widely available and less expensive than other options.

Such accessories include blankets and pillow cases.

4. Easy To Move

Queen beds are easy to move around because of their compact size.

An average-sized queen bed weighs between 120 to 160 pounds.

It’ll only take one person to move it, while other options might need another helping hand.

What Are The Downsides Of A Queen Bed?

Despite its benefits and great flexibility, a queen bed doesn’t work for everyone. After all, it has its cons.

1. Might Be Too Crowded

People’s preferences influence bed sizes.

Some folks will dislike the snug fit of a queen bed.

They would rather invest in a larger bed to make themselves comfortable.

Additionally, if both persons are large in stature, the queen bed may be too tiny.

2. Not Suitable For Large Rooms

While a queen bed may comfortably fit into regular rooms, its size may mess up the proportions of a vast room.

Rooms that are bigger than 132 square feet can make the bed look tiny surrounded by too much space, making furnishing challenging.

What To Consider Before Buying A Queen Bed?

Queen bed in a room

Before buying a queen-sized bed, it’s best to consider these factors to help you know if it’s the right fit for you.

1. Number Of People

Before purchasing a mattress, it’s critical to determine how many people will sleep on it.

A queen bed is ideal if you plan on sleeping alone and want to enjoy lots of space to move around.

It’s also perfect for two people because it has enough room to ensure a pleasant, excellent night’s sleep.

Yet, if you or the other person have a bigger physique, it may get uncomfortably cramped.

Others might find it difficult to stretch out because of its modest size.

2. Room’s Size

The room’s size is a critical factor when choosing a bed because you want to buy one that suits the area.

It’s best to make sure your room’s size can accommodate the bed without compromising its proportions.

A room larger than ten by ten feet is appropriate for a queen-size bed.

Fitting a queen bed in a tiny room will jam the area and make the placement of other furniture difficult.

3. Budget

Your budget heavily influences the bed you choose. Larger beds are more expensive than smaller ones.

Therefore, it’s better to look for an inexpensive choice to buy and steer clear of the more pricey ones if you’re on a tight budget.

For that reason, a queen bed is an excellent choice. Its price falls in between a king and a full-size bed.

It’s both, more spacious than a full bed as well as more affordable than a king bed.

Does A Queen Bed Improve Relationships?

Yes. According to Jaime Greene, the queen bed draws couples closer than other beds.

The bed’s snug yet comfortable fit allows enough room to sleep soundly while ensuring closeness with the other person.

In a queen bed, cuddling or touching is unavoidable.

The way this bed embraces and allows physical contact between couples strengthens their bond and breaks barriers between them.

However, bed size preferences will vary from one person to another because a tight fit isn’t for everyone.

Some people simply prefer the freedom and space of a king-sized bed.

The Importance Of Having The Right Bed

The significance of having the right bed stems from the essentiality of sleep.

Sleep is a major function that helps our brains work properly.

Having the right-sized bed has many perks, such as:

  1. Maximizes the chances of having a decent night’s sleep.
  2. Doubles as a safe haven where you can read a book or watch a movie peacefully.
  3. Helps you not feel crowded or trapped in your sleep, which can jeopardize your relationship with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do queen beds come in different sizes?

A standard queen bed is 60-inches wide and 80-inches long.

However, some models have different measurements.

For example, the Olympic queen bed is 68-inches wide and 80-inches long.

It’s recommended to double-check precise measurements when you’re purchasing a new mattress.

How many people can a queen bed accommodate?

Queen beds can normally accommodate roughly two people sleeping soundly, as well as a pet or two if preferred.

It offers lots of sleeping room for single sleepers to toss and turn freely.

What is the most common bed size?

The queen bed is most popular among American adults by 47%, followed by the king bed, according to a recent Statistica poll.

Plus, the queen-sized bed mattress is the most sold based on sales numbers.

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