How to Find the Model Number of a Whirlpool Stove?

stove with model number

To find the model number of a Whirlpool stove, examine the following locations:

  • the inside edge of the oven door
  • the frame behind the lower broiler drawer
  • the back of the appliance

The model number is necessary for purchasing parts, service, or finding the manual. Record the number carefully for future reference.

This guide assists in locating and noting the model number accurately.

Preparing to Search

Before searching for the model number of your Whirlpool stove, gather necessary tools like a flashlight and a magnifying glass to clearly see and read the information. Whirlpool model numbers, which consist of letters and numbers, are often located in hidden areas.

If your stove has a broiler drawer, open it and look for a rating plate on the frame behind the drawer. The model number may be on the top or side of the frame, requiring the use of a flashlight and magnifying glass if the text is small or faded.

For some electric range models, the model number is on the oven's rim. Open the oven door and check the door frame and edges for a sticker or plate with the model information. Record the entire model number as it is necessary for ordering parts or requesting service.

Write down the model number or take a clear photo for reference, and keep this information handy to avoid having to repeat the process. Knowing the right tools to use and where to look will make finding your stove's details more efficient.

Check Inside the Oven

Open the oven door and check the frame and edges for the model number, which may be on a sticker or metal plate. Typically, it's located on the left side where the door hinges connect to the oven frame. Whirlpool ovens commonly have the model and serial numbers in this area for easy access.

The model number is essential for any service or repair. Whirlpool places it where you can see it without moving the oven or reaching into tight spaces. You'll usually find it on a sticker or metal plate on the interior edge of the oven, often on the left side.

Over time, stickers can fade or peel off. If the model number isn't clear on the oven door, check inside the broiler drawer on the left side rim. Whirlpool ovens have this as a secondary location for the model number.

Knowing your oven's model number is important for warranty claims or ordering replacement parts. Once found, record the model number in the appliance's manual or another safe place.

Look Behind the Drawer

If you cannot find the model number inside the oven or on the door frame, then check behind the broiler drawer at the bottom of the stove. It is important to know your Whirlpool stove's model number for support, parts ordering, or product information. The model and serial numbers provide detailed information about your stove.

To locate the model number, ensure the stove is cool and the drawer is empty. Pull out the broiler drawer fully; you may need to lift it to remove it from the track. The label or metal plate with the model number is usually on the left side rim of the drawer compartment. Whirlpool stoves typically have model numbers starting with 'W', along with a serial number.

Record both the model and serial numbers accurately. If the label is hard to read, use a flashlight or take a photo to improve visibility.

If you still cannot find the model number, refer to the stove's user manual for guidance, which usually includes a section on locating these numbers. If the manual is unavailable, contact Whirlpool customer support with a description of your stove and its features for assistance.

Inspect the Cooktop

Inspect the cooktop area for the model number of the Whirlpool stove after ensuring that the stove is off and cool. Look for labels or stickers that may have the model number. It may be under the cooktop, but only lift it if you are skilled in appliance repair to avoid damage or injury.

Consult the owner's manual for model number locations, or contact Whirlpool customer support for help. The model and serial numbers are essential for obtaining parts and service. A label with the model number might also be located where the range door meets the frame.

Record the model number for future use.

Examine the Frame

The model number of a Whirlpool stove is typically found on the frame where the oven door seals against the appliance. To locate it, open the oven door and look for a label or metal plate on the door frame. Whirlpool model numbers usually start with 'W'. The print may be small or covered by cooking residue, so inspect closely. If the door is open and the number isn't visible, check the frame behind the door, as the placement there protects the information during oven operation.

If the model number is not clear, gently wipe the area with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt without scrubbing and damaging the label. If you still can't find the model number on the door frame, check the left side rim of the broiler drawer, where Whirlpool provides an additional location for the model number. Once you find it, record the model number for future reference for repairs, parts, or service.

Understanding Model Numbers

Whirlpool stove model numbers contain important information for identifying specifications and obtaining service or parts. These alphanumeric codes may include slashes or dashes. Knowing how to read the model number is key for part compatibility and warranty service.

A Whirlpool stove's model number typically starts with 'W' for the brand name. The characters that follow indicate specific details such as product lines, with 'G' denoting the Whirlpool Gold series.

For repairs or part replacements, the full model number is required to accurately identify the stove model. This ensures correct parts are found, reflecting the stove's size, features, and characteristics.

Tips for Accurate Recording

For accurate recording of your Whirlpool stove's model number, locate the manufacturer's identification tag. This tag contains the model number, serial number, and other important details. The model number may include letters, numbers, and symbols like slashes or dashes.

When noting the model number, differentiate between characters that look alike, such as the number zero and the letter 'O', or the number one and the lowercase 'l'. Mistakes can complicate ordering parts or services.

Ink on the tag can fade over time. Record the model and serial numbers soon after purchasing the appliance and keep the information in a secure place, like a digital file or a home maintenance record.

Taking a photo of the tag and storing it with your appliance records is also useful. If the tag is no longer readable or is lost, the digital copy can serve as a reference. Whirlpool stove model numbers usually start with 'W', which helps identify the correct number.

Maintain careful recording to have essential information available for your appliance's upkeep.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

To troubleshoot a Whirlpool stove, first find the model number. This lets you use the correct manual and order suitable parts.

For a refrigerator not making ice or cooling, check the thermostat and condenser coils for damage or blockage.

If a Whirlpool stove burner won't heat, consider replacing the heating element or control switch. Always disconnect the stove from power before attempting repairs.

Microwave odors may be removed by heating water with lemon juice. A dishwasher not cleaning well might need unclogged spray arms or cleaned filters.

Having the model number is essential for efficient troubleshooting and repair.

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