Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets

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KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets are two well-known kitchen cabinet brands.

KraftMaid offers custom-made options and is known for quality craftsmanship, suitable for those who want a personalized kitchen design.

Diamond Cabinets provide more budget-friendly choices with modern styles and good functionality, making them ideal for updating homes on a budget.

Both brands offer quality, but they differ in their materials' durability and cost.

Customers should consider the long-lasting build of KraftMaid cabinets versus the affordable and innovative designs from Diamond to decide which meets their needs and budget best.

Brand History and Reputation

KraftMaid Cabinets, founded in 1969, are known for their high-quality craftsmanship. They have built a reputation for being reliable and providing excellent customer service, with many customers recognizing them as a top kitchen cabinet choice.

Diamond Cabinets, part of the MasterBrand Cabinets family since 1926, is also known for its craftsmanship and use of quality materials, resulting in durable cabinetry. Both KraftMaid and Diamond are members of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, indicating their compliance with industry standards.

Both brands are certified by the Environmental Stewardship Program, highlighting their commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, they both offer a lifetime warranty on their products, showcasing their confidence in the durability and quality of their cabinets.

KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets have established respected legacies in the cabinetry industry, offering consumers quality options for kitchen cabinets.

Design and Customization

KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets both provide customization options for kitchen cabinetry.

KraftMaid is known for its advanced storage solutions and offers a variety of cabinet sizes and styles. Its use of solid-milled lumber ensures durability.

Diamond Cabinets offers a wide selection of over 170 colors and finishes, including unique techniques like heirlooming and distressing, allowing for extensive customization.

Both brands collaborate with paint companies such as Benjamin Moore to offer a wide range of color choices.

While KraftMaid specializes in storage design and sturdy construction, Diamond focuses on a broad selection of colors and finishes.

Customers can select the brand that best fits their design needs and functional preferences.

Material Quality and Durability

KraftMaid uses solid wood to make kitchen cabinets, known for their durability and natural wood grain finish. This approach underpins their reputation for long-lasting materials.

Diamond Cabinets, however, use engineered woods like particle board, plywood, MDF, and thermofoil for their semi-custom cabinets. These materials provide consistent strength and moisture resistance, important for kitchen settings. Diamond also focuses on environmentally responsible manufacturing practices.

Both companies offer a limited lifetime warranty on their kitchen cabinets, signaling their belief in the products' longevity and their commitment to material quality and durability.

Customers can choose from KraftMaid's traditional solid wood cabinets or Diamond's engineered alternatives, both designed to be durable and to meet diverse tastes and needs.

Cost and Value Comparison

KraftMaid cabinets are more expensive, with prices starting at $75 per square foot, reaching up to $250 for premium options. The brand offers a wide selection of styles and finishes, catering to various budgets and design preferences. However, these prices may be too high for some, particularly first-time remodelers.

Diamond cabinets are more affordable, priced between $500 to $800. This pricing is accessible to a broader range of customers, and the company ensures that essential features are included. Diamond also provides a budget calculator to help customers plan their expenses.

KraftMaid's cost per linear square foot is typically $100 to $200, indicating its premium market position. The final costs for KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets depend on kitchen size and chosen materials, allowing for budget flexibility.

Innovative Features and Accessories

KraftMaid's Durakraft Plus Finishing System enhances the durability and appearance of its cabinets, offering scratch and stain resistance. This helps ensure longevity and maintains the brand's reputation for attractive design, including its range of glass cabinets.

Diamond Cabinets' Smart Stop technology allows for a soft and secure closure of cabinet doors, which is particularly useful in small kitchens. It prevents wear and protects the cabinet materials while providing a convenient feature for users.

Both brands incorporate accessories and organizational tools. Diamond's Quick-Release Framed Cabinetry Hinge allows for tool-free door removal, simplifying cleaning and upkeep. KraftMaid's Whisper Touch Hinges and Drawer Runners contribute to the smooth use and extended life of their cabinets.

Diamond also offers a Biometric Secured Drawer and the Logix organization system, which provide security for valuables and efficient storage solutions for limited spaces.

KraftMaid and Diamond Cabinets provide durable, stylish, and advanced features for modern homes.

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