How to Find the Model Number of a GE Dishwasher?

dishwasher with model number

To find the model number of a GE dishwasher, check the inner edge or top of the door panel for a sticker or plate.

If not found there, look at the interior walls, especially the right side or near the control panel.

For drawer-style dishwashers, check under the top drawer.

If you cannot find the model number, consult the owner's manual or contact GE Support for help.

Start With the Owner's Manual

To find the model number of a GE dishwasher, start by checking the owner's manual. This guide is included with the appliance and contains information for troubleshooting and maintenance.

The model number section in the manual has diagrams showing where to find the model number, typically on the dishwasher door edge or the inner tub wall.

The owner's manual also has written instructions detailing the model number's exact location for easy identification, even for those unfamiliar with appliances.

Knowing the model number is crucial for ordering parts, scheduling repairs, and checking for recalls or updates.

Keep the owner's manual within easy reach for future reference. By using the manual, you can quickly and accurately determine your GE dishwasher's model number.

Inspect the Door Area

Open the GE dishwasher door and check for a label with the model number on the edges or near the control panel. This label may be a sticker or metal plate with the model number, serial numbers, and other information. Fully open the door to see these details clearly.

First, look at the top edge of the door, a common place for the identification tag. If not found there, check the left and right edges of the door. For older or custom models, the information might be inside the door frame, especially near the control panel.

Good lighting is important to see any engraved or embossed numbers. The model number is necessary for ordering parts, repairs, and support. If the label is not in the door area or is unreadable, look on the dishwasher's side or back. If still not found, refer to the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer's customer support for further assistance.

Check Inside the Dishwasher

To find the model number inside the dishwasher, look on the right side of the tub's inner wall or near the control panel. This is an alternative location if the number is not on the edge of the door. Make sure the dishwasher is empty and off before inspecting.

The model and serial numbers are sometimes placed on the inner wall to prevent wear and may be on a sticker or imprinted on the surface. Near the control panel, they might be on a plate or label visible with the door open. The model number usually contains letters and numbers, indicating the dishwasher's design and features.

For drawer-style dishwashers, the model and serial numbers may be behind the top drawer. You may need to remove the drawer carefully to access them, ensuring it is properly supported to avoid damage or injury.

If you cannot find the model number, consult the user manual or product documentation, which typically includes the location of these numbers. Alternatively, the manufacturer's website may offer instructions or customer support to help locate the model number of your dishwasher.

Look Beneath the Dishwasher

If the dishwasher's model number is not inside the door or on the tub wall, tilt the machine to check for a sticker or plate underneath. Before doing this, make sure the dishwasher is empty, unplugged, and the water connections are secure to avoid accidents or damage.

The model and serial numbers are on a metal or plastic tag on the bottom of the dishwasher. This tag is necessary for ordering parts, repairs, or checking warranty status. It may also have manufacturing details.

Use a flashlight to see under the dishwasher better. If the appliance is built-in, you might have to remove the kickplate or access panel to see the tag. In some cases, the dishwasher must be pulled out from its cabinet to reach the tag.

After finding the tag, note the model and serial numbers. If the tag is unreadable, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer's customer service for help. They can identify the model using other features or your purchase information.

Examine the Side Panels

Inspect the side panels to find the model number tag, typically located on the left or right side near the front of most GE dishwashers. Ensure good lighting to see the tag, which may be hidden by racks or parts.

Open the dishwasher door completely and remove any items or racks that could block your view. Look for a sticker or plate with the model and serial numbers, often made of metal or plastic to endure damp conditions.

The model number is necessary for ordering parts, repairs, or checking for recalls or updates. If you can't find the tag on the side panels, consult the user manual or the manufacturer's website for other possible locations.

If the model number is unreadable, contact GE support or a professional technician for help.

Finding the Serial Tag

To locate the serial number of your GE dishwasher, check near the model number. The serial tag contains the serial number and may include the manufacture date. It is essential for warranty, service, and recall checks. The tag, usually metallic or a durable sticker, can be found on the dishwasher's interior walls, the door's edge, or behind the top drawer for drawer-style models.

Record the serial tag information by writing it down or taking a photo for easy future access. If the tag is not visible or damaged, refer to the user manual or GE's website for help. Customer service can also assist with specific dishwasher models.

Access to the serial tag is important for your dishwasher's maintenance and service.

Contacting GE Support

Contact GE support for help finding your GE dishwasher model number. Their customer service team can identify the model from a description, features, or a partial model number. Have your appliance's serial number, purchase date, or any related documents available when you call. Even without being the original owner, providing the unit's age or series can help.

If you can't find the model number on the dishwasher door or frame, GE support can suggest other places to check or how to find hidden tags. This is crucial for ordering the correct parts for your dishwasher.

GE support can also advise on maintenance or recommend a professional repair technician. They can assist with other dishwasher-related issues for a full-service experience.

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