15 Popular Granite Countertop Edges (With Pros and Cons)

Are you looking for the perfect granite countertop edge for your kitchen or bathroom?

With so many options available, it can be difficult to narrow down on the edge that will compliment your countertop the best.

Fortunately, many popular granite countertop edges have been around for quite some time.

This means you can choose from true and tried edges.

This guide will break down fifteen of the most popular edges to help you pick the one that will fit your needs.

So let’s get started.

Here are the 15 most popular granite countertop edges.

Straight Edge

Straight edge

The straight edge profile is the most basic edge shape that you can opt for when it comes to granite countertops.

It features a hard chiseled edge that creates a clean 90-degree right-angle cut, making it perfect for almost any space.

The main reason this particular edge is so popular is that it’s cost-effective. It’s also easy to clean and has an amazing finish.

There are a few variations of the classic straight edge style as well, such as the one featuring an extremely slight bevel (known as chamfer) and the one with a bit rounder top edge.

There’s also the Double Quarter Round edge, where both the upper and lower edges are rounded off.

Straight-edge countertops are a great option if you want a modern, minimalistic look for your kitchen.

This edge makes it easy to clean the countertop and gives off an effortless chic style.

That being said, there are some downsides to this edge profile.

For starters, straight-edge countertops aren’t the first choice for everyone.

Some people find that this edge doesn’t match their desired decor or style. They are also not safe for children.

If you have young ones in the house, rounded edges are better in order to avoid any potential harm from sharp corners.

Overall, granite countertops with straight edges have a sleek and stylish look, but there are also cons to using this edge profile.

Beveled Edge

Beveled edge

A beveled edge is sleek and subtle.

It has a 45-degree angle at the top that slopes down toward a sharp right angle.

This edge offers both traditional and modern appeal, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into various interior designs.

The beveled edge also makes it easy to clean up spills. So your countertop will always look its best.

Another advantage of this edge is that there is no chance of the spills slipping into your cabinets.

You can either choose the upper or lower edge for a beveled finish or opt for both, whatever fits your needs the best.

So if you want to add an elegant touch to your kitchen, consider opting for the beveled edge on your granite countertop.

However, this edge isn’t the most recommended countertop edge for families with children.

Some people also don’t find this edge as aesthetically pleasing as the other edge options out there.

1/2 Bevel Edge and 1/4 Bevel Edge

Two other popular bevel edge options for granite countertops are the 1/2 bevel edge and 1/4 bevel edge.

Both of these edges offer excellent variations to the original bevel edge.

The 1/4 bevel edge is perfect for those looking for a more subtle look while still wanting to show off the thickness of their granite countertop.

If you want something a bit more decorative, then you can go for the 1/2 bevel edge option.

It will highlight your kitchen countertop’s thickness in a very noticeable way.

Both these edges also help to create a polished look that will enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Inverted Bevel Edge

The inverted bevel edge is a rather rare and unique edge profile. It looks almost identical to the knife edge.

What makes the inverted bevel edge stand out is the fact that its steep pitch goes upward instead of downward.

This edge profile adds a distinct wow factor to your countertop, giving you a bold statement piece in your kitchen or bathroom.

Eased Edge

Eased edge

The eased edge profile is one of the top choices for granite countertops due to its soft, rounded edges that move gracefully toward the floor.

This edge profile helps to tame the sharp edges and is perfect for contemporary or classic kitchens.

With an eased edge, you will get full value from your granite slab since it really shows off the slab’s beauty in an elegant way.

The round profile of the eased edge also offers extra safety.

It’s ideal for kitchens with limited space and designs where a more contemporary look isn’t necessary.

However, the eased edge looks quite outdated, and the top part of the edge is usually curvier than the bottom part.

These factors often make people opt for other edges, especially if they prefer something more modern or tidy.

1/4 Radius Edge

The 1/4 radius edge is a great variation of the eased edge for those looking for something with a little more flair.

Unlike the eased edge, the 1/4 radius edge has a curve only at the top.

This gives it just enough complexity without being overwhelming.

It looks like a combination of a straight edge and an eased edge profile, and that’s exactly what makes it so great.

It has all the simplicity of the straight-edged granite countertop combined with some stylistic pizzazz.

Full Bullnose Edge

Full Bullnose edge

The fully curved style of a full bullnose edge can really make your granite countertop stand out.

It has curves on both the top and bottom sides of the granite countertop.

The full bullnose edge is a great choice to make your kitchen look more stylish and contemporary.

It matches both modern and classic kitchen styles for a stunning overall aesthetic.

This edge is also a great choice if you have children in your home.

Since it doesn’t have any sharp edges, it’s much safer than other edge profiles.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this edge profile that should be considered before committing to it.

Cleaning the countertop can be difficult due to the curves of this edge.

Liquids can slip beneath and result in unwanted spills on your cabinets.

However, these issues can be easily avoided if you are careful and clean your countertop regularly.

Half Bullnose Edge

If you are looking for an edge profile that will add a more dramatic curve to your countertop, then the half bullnose edge is a great choice.

This edge offers an elegant look that brings out the sturdiness and thickness of the granite slab.

The curve of the half bullnose edge inclines into a sharp 90-degree angle side which is pointing toward the floor.

This edge profile makes it easier for you to clean and wipe down spills.

Spills won’t get stuck on ridges like they would on some other edging options. Instead, they’ll fall right on the floor.

The half bullnose edge is also low-cost and chic, making it appealing to many homeowners.

However, the half bullnose edge isn’t the best choice for households with children since the bottom edges can be sharp.

Moreover, not all homeowners prefer this edge style. Some opt for other intricate edge designs.

Step Half Bullnose Edge

One of the other most popular granite countertop edges is the step half bullnose edge.

This beautiful granite edge starts off with a crisp, 90-degree step at the top and then continues into a slightly rounded edge before finishing off with a flat bottom.

The result is an eye-catching edge that adds elegance to your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Dupont Bullnose Edge

The dupont bullnose edge is one of the most popular choices for granite countertops.

This elegant edge is characterized by a small, concave curve and a flat bottom.

It’s perfect for those who are looking for something that is a bit more intricate and dramatic than the average countertop edges.

The subtle complexity of the dupont bullnose edge makes it stand out from other edges.

Ogee Edge

Ogee edge

Ogee edge is also one of the most popular granite countertop edges because it adds a luxurious, elegant feel to any kitchen.

This edge looks amazing with traditional and rustic decors. It can also be used in contemporary kitchens, though that is rare.

The ogee edge adds drama and excitement to any countertop with its two beautiful arches; one dipped and one curved.

Stirred by European influences, this S-shaped edge profile really stands out on marble or granite countertops.

Also, when you buy prefabricated granite countertops, this premium edge usually comes at no additional cost.

It’s hard to beat that kind of value.

However, this edge can look overwhelming in some modern kitchens, even with its exquisite and lavish finish.

Moreover, it can also be quite costly if you are being charged for it since it’s an exclusive type of edge.

On the upside, ogee-edged granite countertops are ideal for kitchen islands since they add more depth, character, and charm without being too flashy.

So if you are looking for an impressive upgrade for your kitchen counters, look no further than an ogee edge.

Deep Ogee Edge

The deep ogee edge is also a luxurious and exquisite addition to any granite countertop.

It features an elegant swooping design that will make your kitchen stand out.

This rare and high-quality edge is perfect for anyone looking to give their kitchen or bathroom a sophisticated and stylish touch.

It’s difficult to find a deep ogee edge fabricator in the United States, making it even more special when you do find one.

The unique shape of the edge provides a one-of-a-kind look that can’t be found anywhere else.

Rope Edge

Rope edge

For an eye-catching detail in your kitchen, you should consider the rope edge for your granite countertops.

This rare edge profile requires real skill to fabricate and is a perfect fit for a nautical feel.

However, it can also be used in rustic or traditional homes.

With its unique and distinctive shape, the rope edge adds visual interest to any space.

Waterfall Edge

Waterfall edge

A waterfall edge is one of the popular and modern designs when it comes to granite countertop edges.

This edge is formed by creating a 90-degree angle at the side of the countertop.

However, rather than having a finished edge that simply ends, the countertop continues down toward the floor.

The waterfall edge gives your surface a visually appealing finish that transitions smoothly between different areas.

So if you are looking for a unique way to give your countertop an elegant touch, then a waterfall edge is definitely worth considering.

The main benefit of choosing a waterfall edge for your granite countertop is that it adds an elegant look to your kitchen.

The granite countertop cascades down from the top, creating a smooth and visually appealing effect in your kitchen.

The clean lines of this edge complement modern kitchens perfectly.

Maintenance and cleaning are also quite easy since you don’t need to worry about sharp corners or hard-to-reach crevices.

On the downside, since this edge has such an intricate design, it comes with a hefty price tag compared to other granite edges.

It’s also important to remember that while this edge might look great in some modern kitchens, it may not be ideal for every home.

So make sure that you check out other edge designs as well.

Triple Waterfall Edge

The triple waterfall edge gives a sophisticated, high-end look and feel to your kitchen.

The unique design of the triple waterfall edge makes it more desirable than the rope edge.

With this edge profile, you get attractive visual effects without compromising the strength and longevity of your granite countertops.

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