Are King-Size Beds Square? [6 King-Size Beds And Their Dimensions]

King-size bed in bedroom

King-size beds are available in various dimensions to complement your needs.

But are king-size beds square?

Squareness Of King-Size Beds

Among the six common types of king-size beds, only three are perfectly square. These are the Wyoming king-size bed, the Alberta king-size bed, and the Alaskan king-size bed. Although other king-size beds look like a square, their different width and length dimensions make them more like rectangles.

Keep reading to learn about the various types of king-size beds and their dimensions.

Six King-Size Beds And Their Dimensions

King-size beds and mattresses are available in many dimensions to complement every need.

You can choose the perfect king-size bed for your family and budget.

Let’s look at each king-size bed type, its dimensions, advantages, and disadvantages.

1. Standard King-Size Bed (Eastern King-Size Bed)

The Standard king-size bed, also called the Eastern king-size bed, is 76 inches wide, 80 inches long, and spans 6080 square inches in surface area.

It’s better suited to fit spacious rooms measuring around 12×12 feet.

This bed can comfortably accommodate a couple who sleeps with their child or a large pet.

You can opt to purchase this bed size if you enjoy more space to stretch out while you sleep.

Eastern king-size beds and their accessories are widely available in furniture stores.

This means you won’t have to search long before finding your perfect match.

If you or your partner is taller than six feet, this bed would be a tight fit for you.

You should opt for a slightly longer bed to sleep comfortably.

Remember to account for other bedroom furniture and walking space before buying a standard king-size bed, or else you’ll end up with a tightly packed room.

2. California King-Size Bed (Western King-Size Bed)

The California king-size bed, also called the Western king-size bed, is 72 inches wide, 84 inches long, and covers 6048 square inches of surface area.

A California king-size bed would require a room measuring at least 12×12 feet to fit comfortably.

This bed allows a small family and their pet to sleep in comfort.

A Western king-size bed is the longest commercially available king bed.

If you or your partner is taller than 6 feet, this is the perfect bed for you.

No more banging your head on the headboard or dangling your feet.

Although similarly priced to a Standard king-size bed, a California king-size bed’s accessories are pricey and more difficult to find.

You’d find them in specialized stores, though.

3. Wyoming King-Size Bed

The Wyoming king-size bed is the first square-shaped bed on our list.

It’s 84 inches wide, 84 inches long, and covers a surface area of 7056 square inches.

It’s considered the smallest of the oversized beds available for purchase.

This king bed allows families of four to sleep together comfortably.

It’s also long enough to accommodate six-feet long people, but it won’t accommodate more than four family members.

The Wyoming king oversized bed costs more to purchase and accessorize than any commercially available king-size bed.

So you may want to consider your budget before choosing it.

4. Texas King-Size Bed

King-size bed in Texas

Named after the second-largest US state, the Texas king-size bed is 80 inches wide, 98 inches long, and covers a 7840 square inches surface area.

It’s narrower than the Wyoming king-sized bed.

Therefore, it’s unsuitable for families with more than three members who like to sleep together.

It’d be perfect for a couple or a solo sleeper who likes to stretch while sleeping.

However, the bed compensates for its narrow space with a longer length, which enables it to comfortably accommodate people who stand taller than six feet.

This bed is perfect for tall families that don’t have enough room to purchase an Alaskan king-size bed.

5. Alberta King-Size Bed

The Alberta king-size bed is the second square-shaped king-size bed that features on our list.

It measures 96 inches wide, 96 inches long, and covers a surface area of 9216 square inches.

This spacious bed is perfect for accommodating two adults, two children, and a pet. However, it’s not easy to get.

It’s the rarest oversized bed out there.

You’d probably have to make a specific order to get yourself an Alberta king-size bed.

You should also give up on finding store-bought accessories for it; anything that you need has to be preordered and specially made for you.

With that said, this king bed is considered the most expensive to purchase and accessorize.

It’s essential to consider your bedroom’s space before buying an Alberta.

While this bed won’t require mansion-sized bedrooms, it still won’t fit in a standard 12×12 feet master bedroom.

6. Alaskan King-Size Bed

Named after the largest US state, we present you with the largest and last square-shaped king-size bed on our list, the Alaskan king-size bed.

It measures 108 inches wide, 108 inches long, and covers a whopping 11664 square inch surface area.

This bed can generously accommodate large families of more than four members who like to sleep together.

In fact, sleepers would have so much space between them that they can get out of bed without disturbing their sleeping neighbor.

If you purchase an Alaskan king-size bed, you can forget about accidentally banging your head on the headboard, hitting your feet on the feet board, or dangling your feet off the end of the bed.

This bed is also perfect for folks who stand taller than six feet.

Being the largest oversized bed on the market, it’s natural to expect it to be costly to purchase and accessorize.

You’d need to allocate a decent budget if you want to get enough accessories and covers for it.

This humongous bed would fit in nothing less than a mansion-sized master bedroom.

So you should consider if your bedroom would be able to accommodate it while still allowing for walking space.

Factors To Consider When Buying A King-Size Bed

If you’re considering purchasing a king-size bed, there are a few factors that you should check out before buying.

Here’s a short list to help you:

  1. How many people would be sleeping in the bed? If you sleep alone, are you a solo sleeper who likes to sprawl?
  2. How close do you like sleeping with your bed-mates? Would you prefer a snug or a roomy bed?
  3. How tall are you and your partner? Would you be comfortable sleeping in a regular-length bed, or do you need an extra-long bed?
  4. The size of your bedroom. Would it be able to accommodate a king-size bed while still allowing space for other furniture?
  5. How long are you planning to stay at your current home? If you plan on moving houses, would your future home be able to accommodate a king-size bed?
  6. How much are you willing to pay to purchase, assemble, and accessorize your king-size bed?
  7. Does the bed and mattress manufacturer provide long-term warranties?
  8. What do you feel about custom-made bed accessories? Are you willing to go through the cost and hassle of accessorizing your king-size bed?

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