What Size Rug Should You Put Under A Dining Table? [Calculations]

Rug under dining table

As a general rule, the rug you choose for your dining room should be about 4 feet bigger than the table, including the chairs. So, you should have enough space to move the chairs without placing them outside the rug’s corners. For example, if the table measures 4×6 feet, the ideal rug is 8×10 feet.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth guide about the ideal size rug that should go under your dining table.

So, if you’d like to set the tone of your dining room with the right rug size, keep reading!

Size Of Rug Under Rectangular Dining Table With 4 Chairs

If you have a four-seater dining table, it most probably measures 48 inches long by 36 inches wide.

So, you need to add 24 inches to each side to make enough space for the chairs’ legs.

Then, add 12 inches to both sides without seaters.

Follow these steps to add the extra inches to the length and width:

  1. For the length, your formula goes: 48 + 12 = 60 inches
  2. For the width, your formula goes: 36 + 24 + 24 = 84 inches

So, your right-sized rug should measure 60×84 inches. However, these are estimated dimensions.

For this reason, you should measure your dining table to determine the rug size.

Size Of Rug Under Rectangular Dining Table With 6 Chairs

For a four-seater rectangular dining table, you need to add 24 to 36 inches to all table sides.

That guarantees the accommodation of all chairs on all four sides of the table.

Use these tips for different dining room sizes:

  • Add 24 inches to your table’s dimensions for small dining rooms.
  • For larger dining rooms, add 36 inches to the dimensions of your dining table.

That makes an 8×10 foot rug convenient enough, and a larger one would be just as good.

Size Of Rug Under Dining Table With 8 Chairs

An eight-seater dining table could measure 36 or 48 inches wide by 72 or 96 inches long.

If that’s the case for you, the minimum rug size should be 76 by 114 inches.

If you have a spacious dining room, you can choose a bigger size, such as 98 by 138 inches.

Either way, you must make sure there’ll be enough space for freely moving the chairs around.

Size Of Rug Under Dining Table With 10 Chairs

If you’re planning to seat ten people at your dining table, the table probably measures 96 inches (8 feet) long and 36 inches (3 feet) wide.

In this case, add 48 inches (4 feet) to the dining table dimensions.

Consequently, your perfect rug may measure 12×7 feet.

This way, you ensure a roomy area for the chair legs within the rug’s borders.

Size Of Rug Under Dining Table With 12 Chairs

If you can seat 12 people at your dining table, it might measure 114 inches (12 feet) long and 36 inches (3 feet) wide.

Here, you need to add 48 inches (4 feet) to the dining table measurements.

So, your best rug size can be 16 by 7 feet, making enough space to accommodate the chairs.

Size Of Rug Under Round Dining Table

Rugs kept together

As a rule of thumb, you should buy a round rug for a round dining table.

However, it shouldn’t be the exact size of the table to include the chairs as well.

Follow these steps to identify the best rug size for a round table:

  1. Measure the diameter of your dining table.
  2. Add at least 48 inches to the diameter, or 60 inches if it’s a huge dining room.
  3. Round up to the closest standard size available.

For instance, if the table diameter is 48 inches, the suitable rug size could be 96 inches (8 feet).

You can also opt for a larger rug, such as 9 feet, as long as it’s a spacious room.

On the other hand, some people prefer getting a square rug for a round dining table.

If that’s the case, the rug should be at least 24 inches bigger on each side.

For a 48-inch table, the square rug will be 8×8 feet.

Size Of Rug Under Oval Dining Table

For an oval dining table that measures 36×60 inches, a 72×96 inches rug would be a good choice.

The extra 36 inches will make it easy to pull out chairs without exceeding the rug’s borders.

As for a 42×118 inches oval dining table, a 78×154 inches rug would be the minimum dimensions, which means you can go for the closest bigger standard rug size, like 7×13 feet rugs or more.

Size Of Rug Under Square Dining Table

If you’re choosing a rug for a 4-seater square dining table, an 8-foot round rug or 8×8 feet square rug would be an excellent choice.

Notably, these measurements are estimated based on the standard size of the square dining table, which is 36×36 inches or 3×3 feet.

Size Of Rug Under Dining Table In 4 Steps

This technique works for almost any dining table.

To make sure your dining room rug isn’t too big or too small, do the following:

  1. Take the length and width measurements of the dining table. For a round table, measure the diameter.
  2. Add 24 inches or more to the length and width if chairs are on all sides. If not, add these measurements only on the seaters’ sides.
  3. Mark your final measurements on the floor with tape.
  4. Add an extra 18 inches if the chairs fall outside the marked area when pulled out.

Make sure your measurements won’t overlap with the space of other pieces of furniture in your dining room, such as the buffet or china cabinet.

This way, you assure your guests won’t struggle with the chairs’ legs, as this may curl up or even fray the rug’s edges.

Additional Tips

  • It’s much better to get a larger rug than a smaller one, which would look awkward under the dining table and make it difficult to move the chairs around.
  • You’re free to get a rug double the size of the dining table, provided that the dining room dimensions allow it. That can also be an advantage if you’d like to hide an unattractive floor.
  • You can choose a rug that matches the dining room shape, such as a square rug for a square dining room.
  • Make your rug echo the shape of your dining table, like selecting a round rug for a round dining table.
  • Avoid getting a rug too big that it touches the edges of the other dining room furniture, as this will make the room look cramped.
  • Never place the front legs of the other dining room furniture on the dining table rug.

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