What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

green and gray paint

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a paint color with green and gray undertones. It pairs well with whites such as Alabaster and soft grays for a peaceful look.

Darker colors like navy or charcoal can provide contrast. Earth tones and muted blues also go well with Sea Salt, and adding coral or terracotta can introduce warmth.

A lighter white for trims and ceilings can complement Sea Salt's lightness.

Understanding Sea Salt's Undertones

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint has gray, green, and blue undertones that change depending on the lighting. It's a versatile color that requires careful consideration when choosing coordinating colors. The green and gray undertones create a calming effect, ideal for a cool atmosphere in well-lit rooms.

In natural light, Sea Salt tends to appear greener, providing an organic feel. Under artificial lighting, the blue and green may vary in intensity based on the light's color temperature. This can cause the color to look different from room to room, which should be taken into account when painting connected areas.

Compared to Comfort Gray, another Sherwin Williams color, Sea Salt is lighter and has a blue-green tint, while Comfort Gray is a more solid green-gray. Coordinating colors should complement Sea Salt's peaceful quality. Pure White offers a sharp contrast, and Simply White gives a softer look.

For a cohesive design, it's important to understand Sea Salt's undertones. It can be used for a coastal look or paired with navy for a more sophisticated style. Sea Salt's changing undertones can help achieve a well-balanced and layered space.

Coordinating Neutrals and Whites

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt pairs well with a variety of neutrals and whites. Pure White (SW 7005) offers a sharp contrast without overpowering Sea Salt. High Reflective White (SW 7757) is beneficial for its brightness and ability to enhance natural light in a room.

Additionally, Accessible Beige (SW 7036) provides a warm complement to Sea Salt, while Balanced Beige (SW 7037) and Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) are neutral options that blend well with it. For a softer option, Alabaster (SW 7008) is a warm white that complements Sea Salt without creating a stark contrast.

These colors can create a calming and elegant space when used with Sea Salt.

Complementary Blues and Greens

When paired with certain blues and greens, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt can take on different hues, enhancing its adaptability for various design applications. Coordinating with blues like Tradewind SW 6218 can make Sea Salt appear more blue, offering a refreshing, oceanic feel.

Accompanying Sea Salt with greens such as Retreat SW 6207 brings out its subtle green undertones, fostering a tranquil atmosphere. These greens emphasize Sea Salt's ability to lean towards a greener appearance.

Silvermist SW 7621, a serene gray-blue, complements Sea Salt's calming nature, suitable for creating restful environments. Additionally, cooler blues like Robins Egg or Palladian Blue can act as accent colors, adding vibrancy to spaces centered around Sea Salt.

Warm Hues for Balance

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt creates a cool, calming atmosphere. To add warmth and ensure a welcoming space, using colors like Accessible Beige or Coral Clay is effective. These warm tones balance the coolness of Sea Salt, offering visual comfort and adaptability under varying natural light.

Accessible Beige works well with Sea Salt, providing a subtle contrast that is elegant and inviting. It complements various decor styles and maintains the calmness of Sea Salt. For more noticeable accent walls, Coral Clay is a suitable choice, adding a lively warmth to the space.

When comparing Sea Salt to other paints, consider the color temperature needed for the room. Sea Salt's cool tone may require warm colors to achieve a space that feels both spacious and cozy. Adding these warm colors through paint, textiles, or accessories can create a unified and intentional home design.

Bold Accents for Contrast

Using bold accent colors like navy, black, or Iron Ore can create a strong contrast with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt's calm base, enhancing the room's visual appeal. These dark tones, such as Hale Navy or Iron Ore (SW 7069), contrast with Sea Salt's coastal feel, adding sophistication and a modern touch.

Darker greens like Ripe Olive (SW 6209) or Pewter Green (SW 6208) also provide contrast and complement Sea Salt's green undertones. Placing these colors on accent walls, trim, or furniture can give the space a more dynamic and textured appearance.

Restoration Hardware accessories or furniture with darker finishes can enhance the calming Sea Salt environment. Dark colors like Hale Navy add elegance, while bright colors like Coral Reef SW 6606 or Coral Clay SW 9005 create a lively atmosphere suitable for creative spaces.

Choosing the right bold accents can turn a room painted in Sea Salt from a peaceful retreat into a stylish and vibrant area with distinct character.

Ideal Trim and Ceiling Colors

Choosing the right trim and ceiling colors is important to complement the muted blue-green of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Pure White trim provides a sharp contrast, creating a classic look and making the space feel fresh. It has a high Light Reflective Value, which increases the amount of light in the room and enhances the calming effect of Sea Salt.

High Reflective White is a good trim option for adding a touch of warmth, matching well with both warm and cool undertones, and complementing Sea Salt. Off-whites like Snowbound and Spare White offer a softer contrast with Sea Salt.

For a subtle contrast, Sherwin Williams Silver and Agreeable Gray are suitable choices that balance cool and warm tones for a cohesive space. Light ceiling colors such as Mountain Air or Fleur de Sel give the room an airy feel. Window Pane, with a slightly higher Light Reflective Value than Sea Salt, can be used on the ceiling for a gentle contrast while keeping a harmonious color scheme.

When selecting trim or ceiling colors, it's important to consider how they will interact with Sea Salt to create the desired mood, whether serene or vibrant.

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