What Are Voile Curtains? [7 Fabulous Ideas for Using Voile Curtains]

Voile curtains on a window

Curtains are decorative items that you’d find in all kinds of places, residential, commercial, or even clinical.

There are many types of curtains that you can pick and choose from.

The one type that often stands out is the voile curtain.

If you’re currently adding the final touches to your home or office, you might wonder what a voile curtain is.

And whether or not it would look good in your place.

Here are all the answers.

What Exactly Is a Voile Curtain?

A voile curtain is a type of curtain that is made from a relatively new fabric called Voile that’s sheer, silky smooth, and durable. It’s usually made from polyester mixed with other materials like cotton or linen.

“Voile” is French for a veil, which is not too hard to guess!

The fabric that’s used for voile curtains is just as soft and transparent as the finest silk veil.

This is actually a big part of its charm.

While heavy curtains, Roman blinds, and bamboo rollers provide protection from the sun, none give the filtered shade that a voile curtain can provide.

And speaking of transparency, lace and net curtains also let some of the light in.

However, they block out most of the view. That’s a shame if your window opens to a lush garden or a scenic seaside.

Voile curtains easily do the double duty of letting you enjoy the view and keeping the prying eyes from invading your privacy.

Why Do You Need a Voile Curtain?

Investing money in any decorative item should always be justified.

And it’s best if that accessory actually has an essential function that goes beyond aesthetics.

As a matter of fact, voile curtains, flimsy as they are, serve various important functions around the house.

1. Filter out Excessive Light

This is especially important if your window or balcony faces a harsh sun most of the day.

The excessive light might look bright and nice, but sometimes it’s just a tad too much.

This could affect your floors, furniture, paint, and indoor plants.

Installing a voile curtain would still let in a great deal of light, but it would be much softer.

In the absence of glare, the house would be bright without harming any of its furnishings.

2. Get Some Privacy

Your living room, bedroom, children’s room, kitchen, bathroom, or office, are all places that should remain private.

Passers-by or neighbors shouldn’t have visual access to your personal space.

A simple way to achieve that is by shutting off all the blinds in the house.

But that would deprive you of the much-needed sunlight and ventilation.

It would also block you from watching the outside world.

Installing a voile curtain can give you all the privacy you need while keeping your house well-lit and breezy.

3. Create Mood

Voile curtains aren’t just functional.

They’re a lot like cocktail dresses, perfume, or candles; they can transform the normal into the transcending.

You can select any mood you like and choose the right voile curtain accordingly.

4. Add Elegance and Style

Voile is certainly a chic material that adds elegance to any room.

You can even add a curtain around a dressing room, a work area, or around a four-poster bed.

That’s a fashion statement that adds style anywhere you like.

7 Fabulous Ideas for Using Voile Curtains

Voile curtains are versatile, and when it comes to decorative ideas, there are hundreds of innovative ways to use these lovely fabrics.

Here are some of our favorite decorative ideas, which you can use for inspiration.

1. Use Heavy Curtains with Voile Curtains

It’s natural to welcome daylight in the morning and count on voile curtains to keep the prying eyes and glare at bay.

By evening, one often needs more privacy that a sheer curtain alone can’t provide.

The solution to that is simple: add a couple of heavy curtains on either side of the voile.

This way, you can get the best of both worlds. You’d also add real elegance to your room at the same time.

2. Play with Contrasting Colors

Rainbow colored voile curtains on a window

You can place voile curtains of contrasting, complementary, or graded colors beside one another.

This is a highly artistic approach, and when it’s done right, it can make any space appear stylish and modern.

This technique is a bit tricky though, and it requires frequent testing of the fabrics in various lights.

That’s because the sheer fabric might look very different under various lights.

The harsh morning light would generally tone down the colors, while the reflected night light would deepen them.

3. Make a Statement with Artistic Prints

Floral, geometric, mandala, or butterfly prints look amazing in voile curtains.

They can have the same color as the fabric, so they look like embossed prints. Or, they could come in a bold burst of color.

A voile curtain with subtle, balanced, or dashing prints would attract attention right away.

With such a piece de resistance, you’d need little other embellishments.

So you can go with muted colors on the walls and simple designs for the furniture.

4. Match the Voile Color to The Walls

When the curtains and the walls have the same color or at least matching colors, the room would often feel more spacious.

Matching a fabric color to a wall color might be a bit difficult and depend on luck.

However, doing the opposite, and picking a wall paint that’s similar to the color of your curtain, is much easier.

Most paint shops provide a customization service where they scan a piece of fabric, a photograph, or even a painting and mix the required color accordingly.

You can paint the wall a shade lighter, or a couple of shades darker, than your voile. That would look amazing too.

5. Add More Layers for A Rich Look

Some people view pristine white voile as dull and mundane.

While we don’t necessarily share that view, we do have a brilliant trick that would give these curtains a whole new dimension.

Layering voile curtains in simple cascades, accordion folds, or flowing waves is a wonderful way to transform an ordinary room into a scenic place.

The dramatic folds and layers are simply picturesque.

And the best part is that they can be done in a classical or an ultramodern style.

This technique isn’t limited to white voile only. In fact, it looks phenomenal with blue, grey, terracotta, and beige.

However, it might not be the best thing with patterned curtains.

6. Experiment with Dark Voile

Dark voile is another genius way to make a decorative statement without spending a ton on accessories.

It takes a bit of courage to pull off though.

Somber colors are occasionally associated with Gothic, subdued, or low-key spaces.

However, the smart application of dark colors reflects elegance, sharp contrasts, and utter boldness.

Dark voile can be an accent, or a backdrop, to a shimmery object.

Or, it can be the main player in the theme and run the show. The possibilities are infinite here.

7. Get the Ultimate Glam with Glittery Voile

Thematic homes with a 1920s Hollywood vibe often use glittery and golden objects everywhere.

A shimmery voile curtain would go perfectly with that mood. That’s the predictable way of employing shiny voile.

Contrary to that, adding a golden touch to a beige and brown room would immediately brighten up the place and give it a magical air.

If you like such highlights, by all means, go for a silver or gold glittery voile curtain.

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