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In the toilet repair market, Korky and Fluidmaster are two notable brands.

Korky is known for its durable red rubber seals used in its fill valves and flappers, which are designed to be long-lasting and reduce noise.

Fluidmaster is recognized for its wide range of toilet parts that are universally designed and easy to install, targeting a wide customer base.

Both brands offer advanced fill valve and flapper technologies that aim to be cost-effective and reliable.

This comparison evaluates Korky and Fluidmaster based on their history, product performance, installation simplicity, and customer support to help consumers choose the right products for their plumbing needs.

Company Backgrounds Compared

Korky, produced by Lavelle Industries, is known for its American-made toilet repair parts, highlighting quality and durability. They use a Chlorazone red rubber designed to withstand harsh water and chemicals.

Fluidmaster has a widespread international network, initially established in California in 1957 and now with facilities in countries including China and Taiwan, reflecting their global approach to providing toilet repair components.

Both companies offer a wide range of products compatible with many toilet models. Korky promotes its commitment to American manufacturing and innovative materials, evident in products like the Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair Kit, which comes with an extended warranty.

Fluidmaster, with its long history in the industry, caters to a global market. When comparing both companies, Korky focuses on domestic production and material excellence, whereas Fluidmaster utilizes its global operations and industry experience to serve a diverse customer base.

Fill Valve Technologies

Korky and Fluidmaster have developed different fill valve technologies for toilets.

Korky uses an internal float mechanism within the valve, which is known for quiet operation and easy adjustment. This design limits the exposure of parts to water, potentially enhancing durability. Korky's 528MP QuietFILL Platinum model reflects this approach and includes a warranty.

Fluidmaster's fill valves, on the other hand, have an external float that moves along the valve shaft, making adjustments visible. The PerforMAX 400AH model is a Fluidmaster product with a 7-year warranty. However, Fluidmaster fill valves may experience clogging from silt, particularly in well water systems.

Fill valve technology is essential for solving toilet issues and is included in many repair kits. Korky valves use chemical-resistant red rubber for longevity, while some Fluidmaster valves have been reported to fail to refill after years of use due to impurities affecting the parts.

Both brands offer different solutions for residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Flapper Design and Performance

When comparing Korky and Fluidmaster toilet flappers, it's important to look at their design and performance.

Korky flappers are made from rubber and use Chlorazone red material to resist the effects of hard water and chlorine, enhancing reliability and longevity.

Fluidmaster flappers typically feature a mix of plastic and silicone. The 540 model is easy to install and usually needs fewer adjustments than Korky flappers. However, some users have experienced water blisters on the gasket of Fluidmaster flappers, which can lead to leaks.

Fluidmaster offers a 7-year warranty, indicating a strong belief in their product's durability. The Korky 3060 flapper is noted for its quiet operation and is widely available, often receiving positive reviews.

Both brands make flappers that fit many flush valves. For best performance, proper installation and maintenance are crucial. Users should take a photo and measure their current flapper before buying a new one and follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. This helps extend the life of the toilet flapper, whether Korky or Fluidmaster is chosen.

Durability and Warranty

Fluidmaster offers a seven-year warranty on their PerforMAX 400AH fill valve, while Korky provides a five-year warranty on their 528MP QuietFILL Platinum valve. The longer warranty from Fluidmaster may indicate a greater confidence in their product's durability. Fluidmaster is known for reliable parts, and they use solid brass bolts in their gaskets, which suggests a focus on longevity. Korky also emphasizes durability by using stainless steel bolts and ensures their repair parts are compatible with various toilet brands for easier maintenance.

Fluidmaster has a history of products lasting over 20 years, but some recent valves have had issues sooner. The inconsistencies may be due to different manufacturing locations, which include China and Taiwan. Korky, in contrast, manufactures their valves in the USA, which might imply higher production standards.

Fluidmaster valves are designed to be water-efficient and adjustable, reducing strain on toilet components. Both brands offer durable products with warranties that cater to consumer needs.

Ease of Installation

Korky and Fluidmaster produce toilet fill valves that are easy to install, each with a different design to suit user preferences. Both are ideal for quick part replacements needed by homeowners and professionals.

The Fluidmaster PerforMAX 400AH is built for easy installation. It has an external cylinder float for quick water level adjustments without disassembling the toilet tank. Its flappers have a dial for easy water control, making it a popular choice for straightforward adjustments.

Korky's 528MP QuietFILL Platinum fill valve has an internal float, which some may prefer for a neater appearance or small spaces. Korky's kit is known for being quiet and includes all necessary components, eliminating the need for extra purchases.

Both Korky and Fluidmaster flappers are designed for easy replacement to reduce bathroom downtime. They provide clear instructions and customer support to help anyone, including beginners, repair their toilets.

Customer Support and Resources

Korky and Fluidmaster both offer customer support and online resources to help with product selection, installation, and troubleshooting for toilet parts such as fill valves, flappers, and tank-to-bowl gasket & bolt kits.

Korky provides a 'Toilet Genius help tool' online for identifying repair parts and uses Chlorazone red rubber materials in their products, which are resistant to chemicals and come with a 5-year warranty. Their customer support team assists with questions about product durability and installation.

Fluidmaster offers support to navigate their product line, including the PerforMAX 400AH fill valve, which has a 7-year warranty. They provide instructional videos and guides for easy installation and repair of their products. Their flappers have a dial for water usage adjustment, designed for functionality and ease of use.

Both companies prioritize customer support and resources to maintain customer confidence and loyalty, emphasizing their dedication to quality service in the toilet repair market.

Overall Cost and Value

When assessing the cost and value of toilet repair parts, warranties are an important consideration. Fluidmaster's PerforMAX 400AH offers a 7-year warranty compared to Korky's 528MP QuietFILL Platinum which has a 5-year warranty. This longer warranty may influence a customer's decision based on potential replacement costs and product reliability.

Korky's parts, especially the Chlorazone red rubber, resist chemicals well. This resistance can reduce the frequency of replacements due to wear from harsh water or cleaning agents, adding to the long-term value. Fluidmaster's fill valves are often manufactured in China, which could prompt concerns about quality and durability, but the brand is generally considered reliable.

Korky fill valves are sold with all required parts and are available at Ace Hardware, offering convenience. They are also known for performing well in hard water conditions, possibly leading to fewer replacements and saving water, which could improve value for customers in such areas.

Ultimately, choosing between Korky and Fluidmaster will depend on individual preferences and the specific needs of the toilet, as these will greatly affect the cost and value of a product.

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