How Are Couches Delivered? [The Complete Process]

Couch getting delivered

Buying a new furniture piece can be exciting, especially when you’ve ordered a cozy couch and are waiting for it to be delivered.

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder how will it get delivered?

Delivery Of Couches

Whether you’ve purchased an assembled couch from a showroom or an online store, it will most probably get wrapped in plastic and packaged inside a box (or more than one). It will then get shipped locally to your place by a trailer, or possibly internationally, in a container on a cargo ship.

In this guide, we’ve listed everything you need to know before and after purchasing your couch. Keep reading!

Realities Of Couch Delivery Process

Anticipating the delivery of any furniture can be nerve-racking at times.

You have all of these questions on your mind, like “How long will it take?”, “Will I like it?”, “Is the color going to be right?”, “Will it fit right?”, etc.

If you need a couch right away, you should consider choosing a couch that’s already in stock.

You can walk into a showroom and pick the one you like from the display.

The best part is that you won’t have to wait long for it to be delivered.

That way, the delivery process will most probably be short and quick.

Don’t expect the couch to get to you overnight, though.

The delivery time will depend on other factors, like the store’s delivery policy or their warehouse’s location.

On the other hand, if you want to make some changes to the couch on display or order an online customized couch, don’t expect quick delivery.

Depending on the changes you want to be done, delivery of a customized couch can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, sometimes longer.

The alterations you requested, whether different fabric, color, or size, may take time depending on the availability of those materials.

So, don’t rush the process if you have the time and want to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. Just be patient.

Assembled Couch Packaging

Couches aren’t usually stackable due to their uneven shape, which makes them difficult and costly to ship in one piece.

When you order an already assembled couch, it usually needs to be very well packaged.

Most manufacturing companies package the couches as follows:

  1. Place the couch on a tray.
  2. Wrap it up in bubble wrap, plastic, and cardboard.
  3. Tape and band the wrapping.
  4. Add another plastic wrap layer to withstand the transportation conditions in big trailers.

Unassembled Couch Packaging

With more convenient shopping, competing brand names, and easier delivery options, there’s a good chance your couch will arrive in boxes, which is known as a sofa-in-a-box.

That way, they’re easily stackable and, as a result, cost less to ship, especially if they’re shipped across the country or internationally.

These boxes will include sections that are ready to assemble, as well as pieces that are simple to install.

Just like that, buying a couch has never been easier!

What Is Sofa-In-A-Box?

As the name suggests, a sofa-in-a-box is simply a couch delivered in one or more boxes, depending on the seating number.

They’re easier to move and get inside your house without worrying about how wide your doorway or staircase is.

Each box is usually 100x40x40 inches and weighs approximately 40 pounds.

So, it fits through almost all entrances.

You’ll most likely receive your couch in as many boxes as the number of seating you ordered.

You’ll also receive an extra box containing the legs and armrests.

Each box should contain one seating section and the corresponding cushions.

For the sake of space, cushions will usually be vacuum shrunk in a plastic bag.

All you need to do is unbox the pieces, latch the seating sections together, and screw in the legs.

Assembling the couch pieces doesn’t take as long as you might think. 

Conveniently, many brands offer money-back guarantees or easy returns.

Still, you should make sure that you read the fine print and ask about the company’s policy.

You may need to pay restocking fees or shipping costs in case of return.

Pros And Cons Of Sofa-In-A-Box

Couch in a living room

The convenience that the sofa-in-a-box provides makes it easier for anyone anywhere to order the couch of their choice without being limited to what local showrooms have in stock.

Though they’re easy to move, deliver, and assemble, the sofa-in-a-box has some downsides.

Presented below are the pros and cons of ordering a sofa-in-a-box.


  • Low shipping costs; they’re easy to stack, unlike those big bulky couches.
  • Adjustability and customizability; you can select any size to fit your area of choice.
  • Easy assembly; you just need to unwrap and install them like Lego pieces.
  • Convenience; there’s a wide variety of designs, colors, and fabrics to choose from.


  • Delivery time; it takes time for your customized couch to be ready for delivery. There might be an issue, such as a shortage of the color or fabric you chose.
  • Smaller sizes than regular ones; for convenience and packaging issues, sofa-in-a-box couches may be smaller than regular couches.
  • Hard to assemble; you may need a friend to help you lift and move the boxes or assemble the pieces together.

Couch Delivery Service

Consider hiring a private furniture delivery service when buying a new couch, especially if you live in an apartment building.

You should also hire such services if you need help with moving the couch and assembly.

Getting help from well-trained, licensed, and experienced professionals will save you time and hassle.

Just try to stay away from the delivery services offered by the showroom where you buy the piece of furniture.

There are many common complaints related to using those services, including:

  • Damaged furniture that you may not notice until after the delivery men leave.
  • Furniture doesn’t get delivered because the address is an apartment building.
  • Delivery men refusing to go upstairs, leaving your order in front of the building.
  • Delivery men refusing to assemble the couch for you.

On the other hand, when you hire a private delivery service company to deliver your furniture piece, your benefits will include:

  • Getting help from professional and experienced delivery personnel who know what they’re doing and will make sure everything is in place.
  • Verifying and inspecting your furniture for damages before delivery.
  • Getting the furniture piece to your doorstep, whether you live in an apartment building or a big house.
  • Unpacking and assembly.
  • Handling and moving the furniture pieces carefully.

How To Prepare For Couch Delivery?

As exciting as it may be to get a new furniture piece, there are a few things you must do before the delivery men arrive.

  • Think about the easiest path for the couch to go through, whether it’s a doorway, garage door, or terrace entry. If you live in an apartment building, consider checking both the service entrance and the main one.
  • If you’re using an elevator for the delivery, make sure to take its height, width, depth, and diagonal measurements.
  • Measure the height and width of your entrance. Include any door handles or light fixtures in your measurements if they can’t be removed.
  • Measure the interior doorways, hallways, and staircases. Don’t forget to include any architectural features in the measurements, like columns or angled ceilings.
  • You should consider removing some of the common obstacles, such as plant pots, mirrors, wall art, or decorative items.
  • Finally, consider the location of the couch in relation to power outlets or air conditioning vents in the desired room.

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