Do Toilets Come in Different Colors?


Toilets are available in various colors to suit different bathroom styles. Beyond the standard white, which is popular for its clean appearance, manufacturers also offer black for a modern feel, as well as beiges and grays for neutral-themed bathrooms.

Brighter colors like blue or green are available for those seeking a distinctive look. The color of a toilet can affect the bathroom's overall feel, either by making it seem larger or by serving as an eye-catching feature.

Many brands offer a wide selection of colors, allowing customers to find a toilet that fits their design preferences.

Exploring Common Toilet Colors

Toilets come in various colors such as black, off-white, tan, and yellow, aside from the standard white.

White toilets are favored for their classic look, while black toilets offer a stylish and elegant feel, often used in modern bathroom designs.

Off-white toilets provide a subtler elegance and can complement many decor styles.

Tan toilets bring a warm neutral tone to a bathroom and hide water spots well, which can be useful in frequently used restrooms.

Less common colors like pastel or yellow provide options for those seeking a distinctive design.

These colors allow for personalization in bathroom decor.

Specialty and Custom Hues

Homeowners seeking distinct bathroom designs are choosing specialty and custom toilet colors beyond traditional options. Companies such as Kohler, Gerber, Peerless Pottery, and Terra Artesana offer a wide range of colors, from subtle grays and whites to bold blues and dark grays, catering to various preferences and design goals.

Color psychology is important in choosing toilet colors, influencing the bathroom's ambiance. Light pinks and pastels can calm, while vibrant yellows and blues may energize the room. Color choice can also affect the perceived size of the bathroom—light colors make small spaces seem larger, and dark tones add sophistication and depth.

For a personalized look, homeowners can have toilets custom-painted to match or complement their bathroom decor, ensuring a unified design that reflects their individuality. Alternatively, unique toilet seats with different designs provide an inexpensive way to personalize a bathroom.

Companies offering color samples and a wide variety of bright colors allow homeowners to explore bold toilet colors, creating a bathroom that is both functional and a reflection of their personal style and creativity.

Impact of Color on Bathroom Design

The color of a toilet significantly affects the bathroom's design and atmosphere. Different colors can elicit various emotional reactions and influence the environment for daily routines. Toilets can be the center of attention or blend in with the bathroom's color palette.

White toilets are common due to their clean and pure appearance. However, they show stains and scratches easily and require regular cleaning to look their best. They also match with many design styles, offering a classic aesthetic.

Gray toilets provide a subtle color choice that can complement both bright and soft colors, making them suitable for different styles without overpowering the space.

Black toilets add a touch of elegance and can serve as a strong design statement, influencing other decor choices in the bathroom.

Off-white toilets offer a warmer alternative to bright white and are easier to maintain. They can make small bathrooms appear larger.

Tan toilets are less standard and practical, as they conceal dust and dirt well. This color pairs well with grays, greens, or whites, helping to create a unified bathroom look.

Color Availability From Major Brands

Major toilet manufacturers such as Kohler, Gerber, and Peerless Pottery offer toilets in various colors. While white is still popular for its versatility, these brands provide options to match different bathroom styles.

Kohler offers a range of colors including blue and yellow, allowing customers to either match their bathroom theme or create a focal point.

Gerber focuses on subtle colors like white, beige, and blush, catering to those who prefer a calming and neutral bathroom environment.

Peerless Pottery features retro-inspired pink and yellow toilets, in addition to the standard white and beige, catering to a range of preferences.

Terra Artesana offers custom-painted Mexican Talavera-style toilets for a unique and personalized look.

For a less permanent color addition, homeowners can opt for colored toilet seats. Black toilets and seats are becoming more common for their modern appearance, showing that white is not the only choice.

Matching Toilet Seats With Colors

Toilet seats can be matched with the toilet's color to create a uniform or contrasting effect. A white toilet, for instance, can have a matching white seat for a traditional look or a different color seat for contrast. Toilets are available in various colors, and seats can be found to match these shades at plumbing stores or online.

For an exact color match, some services can ensure the seat matches the toilet and bathroom decor. However, be aware that actual colors might differ from those seen on a computer screen, so checking physical samples is recommended.

For a distinctive style, toilets can be paired with seats in contrasting colors, such as a white toilet with a purple seat. Various bright color options for toilet seats are available through specialized websites and services.

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