Here are some great entryway decor tips that will help design and decorate your entryway in the best way possible.

How to Keep Entryway Floor Clean?

clean entryway floor

To keep an entryway floor clean, there are several steps you can take. First, it's important to remove your shoes before entering the entryway. This simple action can prevent dirt and debris from being tracked onto the floor. Another effective method is to use high-quality doormats at the entrance. These mats are designed to trap […]

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How Big Should an Entryway Be?

ideal size for entryway

An entryway should be 2% to 4% of the home's total square footage. This size allows enough space for movement and entrance essentials. The size may vary based on the occupants' needs, such as storage or mobility aids, and should match the home's design for a smooth transition into living areas. Proper planning of the

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How High Should a Coat Rack Be?

entryway coat rack

A coat rack should be mounted at a height of approximately 5 feet from the floor. This height is suitable for adults to access their coats easily while keeping the garments off the ground. If coats are particularly long, ensure they do not touch the floor when hung. For areas used by children, consider adding

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