Can Ruggable Rugs Go In The Dryer? (Dryer Size For Various Rugs)

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Ever wondered about the most convenient ways to dry out your rugs?

In cold weather, the dryer is the best option for drying the laundry. But can Ruggable rugs be dried in a dryer?

Drying Ruggable Rugs In The Dryer

Yes, you can dry the top layer of a Ruggable rug in the dryer. The cover fits nicely in any standard-size dryer. However, you should use a delicate setting to keep it as good as new. You may also use the air fluff setting, if possible, to avoid damaging the rug fibers.

If you’d like to know everything about maintaining, washing, and drying Ruggable rugs, stick around!

Are Ruggable Rugs Machine-Washable?

A Ruggable is a two-piece set; with a pad and cover. The cover piece is machine-washable.

Although the covers are stain-resistant and can be spot-cleaned, you can machine-wash all the Ruggable covers by following these steps:

  1. Remove the rug cover from the rug pad.
  2. Make sure the cover design is out.
  3. Put your rug cover in the washing machine.
  4. Add a mild washing-machine detergent.
  5. Add half a cup of white vinegar to the detergent to neutralize unwanted odors.
  6. Set your washer to the delicates mode.
  7. Choose a cold wash temperature.
  8. Press the power button.

If you’re struggling with a tough stain, repeat the washing process.

Moreover, never use fabric softeners or bleach as this may ruin the rug’s soft fabrics.

Does The Size Of The Rug Matter?

Ruggable recommends specific washing machines and dryer sizes.

But you should note that these sizes are for the front and top loaders, including the agitator.

If your washing machine or dryer doesn’t include an agitator, you’ll have to subtract 0.4 cubic feet from the minimum sizes in the following guide…

Which Dryer Size Accommodates A 5’x7′ Ruggable?

An outdoor, Re-Jute, or Chenille 5’x7′ rug can be placed in at least 2.2 cubic feet dryer or washing machine.

For a Shag or Plush 5’x7′ rug, you’ll need a 4.2 cubic feet dryer or bigger.

So, a Shag or Plush 5’x7′ rug can also fit in a 3.8 cubic feet dryer or washing machine without an agitator.

Which Dryer Size Accommodates A 6’x9′ Ruggable?

An outdoor or Chenille 6’x9′ rug can be placed in at least a 3.8 cubic feet dryer or washing machine.

For a Shag or Plush 6’x9′ rug, you’ll need a five-cubic feet dryer or bigger.

Which Dryer Size Accommodates An 8’x10′ Ruggable?

You can dry an 8’x10′ Ruggable cover in a regular dryer. However, it depends on the type of rug.

For example, an outdoor or Chenille 8’x10′ rug can fit in a minimum of 3.8 cubic feet dryer or washing machine.

On the other hand, a Plush 8’x10′ rug would go in a minimum of 5.5 cubic feet dryer.

Which Dryer Size Accommodates A 9’x12′ Ruggable?

A 9’x12′ rug is the largest size available for Ruggable rugs.

Even though a Chenille 9’x12′ rug can fit in a 4.2 cubic feet dryer, the recommended dryer size for an outdoor cover is between 5.0 and 7.0 cubic feet.

For this reason, you’d better ensure your washing machine or dryer is compatible with the rug size you get.

How Can You Find The Washer Or Dryer’s Capacity?

For front loaders, top loaders, and combos, you can find the capacity of the dryer or washing machine on the following:

  1. Interior side of the door,
  2. Lid or frame of the lid,
  3. The frame of the door,
  4. The front side of the washing machine or dryer,
  5. An internal wall inside the appliance,
  6. The right or left side of the dryer or washer,
  7. Back side of the washing machine or dryer, or
  8. The base part of the unit.

How Can You Tumble-Dry A Ruggable Cover?

Rugs usually take a few days to dry completely.

Luckily, you can use your dryer to dry your Ruggable rugs. Just follow these drying instructions:

  1. Make sure the cover design is out.
  2. Put your rug cover in the dryer.
  3. Set the dryer to low heat.
  4. Set a second drying cycle for the large covers.

What Are The Alternatives To Using A Dryer?

Rugs dried in a dryer

Although all Ruggable rug covers can be tumble-dried, you may follow these tips for drying them without using a dryer:

  • You can air-dry the Chenille rugs.
  • You can hang dry Plush rugs.
  • You could hang dry outdoor and Re-Jute rugs.
  • You may hang dry Shag rugs.

How Long Does It Take To Dry A Ruggable Rug?

If you decide to hang dry your rug, it may take one to two days to dry completely.

Nevertheless, this is only an estimated time as it depends on the ambient temperature and the rug size.

Conversely, if you choose to put the cover in the dryer, it’ll take one drying cycle for smaller rugs and may take two drying cycles for the larger ones.

How Can You Clean The Ruggable Pad?

The pads aren’t as washable as the covers. As a result, you can only spot-clean your Ruggable pads.

For accidental spills, use a towel to clean up the area with soap and water.

Since only covers can go in the dryer, you’ll have to hang dry the Ruggable pads.

You may also lay them flat to air dry.

In addition, you should regularly vacuum the rug pads using low suction and sweep under them to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Finally, don’t lay the pad down unless the floor is entirely dry to avoid trapping moisture.

How Can You Maximize A Ruggable Rug’s Longevity?

Even though the rug covers require low maintenance, considering these cleaning tips will increase their durability:

  • To clean your doormats daily, shake the mat cover to remove loose debris.
  • Spot-clean your rubber mat or spray it with a hose.
  • Apply vinegar to a stubborn stain until it fades, and wash as usual after three hours.
  • Refluff the texture of Plush rugs by using a vacuum with a rotating gentle bristle.
  • You can comb the Shag rugs with your fingers to restore their shaggy texture.
  • Don’t use sharp tools when cleaning Re-Jute rug covers. Otherwise, you’ll damage the smooth woven fibers.
  • Avoid using heat when washing or tumble-drying the rug covers.

Can Ruggable Doormats Go Tn The Dryer?

Ruggable doormats are made of rubber, so you can’t place them in the dryer. Instead, lay them flat to air dry.

Their rubber has a drainage ability to dry out quickly. Consequently, the doormats are mildew resistant.

But according to Ruggable’s washing machine guide, you can wash the doormat rug covers in any washer size.

What’s The Best Way To Dry Rugs Of Different Sizes?

Generally, you shouldn’t leave rugs soaking wet for long as mold may grow, and it would be challenging to restore them.

Look through these rug drying steps that you can use for any size:

  1. Press several dry towels against the rug to absorb the excess water or use a wet-dry vacuum if available.
  2. Check your rug’s label to confirm it’s okay to toss it in the dryer to avoid ruining its fibers.
  3. Hang it to dry in the sun, but if you can’t, use your hair dryer to dry small rugs.
  4. To dry large rugs indoors, use house fans at high velocity and flip them every few hours.

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