Are Ruggable Rugs Soft? [Softness Of Various Ruggable Textures]

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Ruggable rugs are the latest trend in the rug industry, meant to decrease slipping as much as possible.

The rugs offer several benefits and almost sound too good to be true. But are Ruggable rugs soft?

Softness Of Ruggable Rugs

According to most customers, Ruggables are relaxingly soft and velvety, thanks to their recycled material. They also have a removable cover, accounting for a smooth surface without wrinkles or bumps.

If you’re a conscientious shopper, you probably still want to learn about Ruggables. So let’s get to it!

How Soft Are Different Textures Of Ruggable Rugs?

Ruggable rugs offer a variety of textures. Each texture has a unique feel, so let’s see how soft they are!

1. Re-Jute™

Re-Jute™ rugs are woven carefully to create a smooth texture that resembles jute.

The rug is considered soft, but there are softer versions.

It’s mostly suitable for the outdoors because of its durability.

So, if you’re looking for a durable rug, then this texture is a good choice for you.

However, it’s not the softest out there.

2. Outdoor Rugs

As the name implies, outdoor rugs are made to be durable enough to stay in a decent condition outdoors.

The material is woven to be smooth, accounting for a soft texture.

Outdoor rugs aren’t the softest in the Ruggable bunch since the manufacturer focuses more on durability.

However, rest assured that your bare feet will be happy to walk on it!

3. Chenille

Chenille is a unique material made by piling threads of another fabric.

It can be woven from silk, cotton, or even wool.

Ruggable’s version of chenille has a velvety feel to it.

The fabric is exceptionally soft and adds a touch of classiness to your living room.

On top of that, it’s also water-resistant!

4. Shag

Shag rugs have that name because of their fuzzy appearance and texture.

The rugs look like fluffy cotton, which is why they’re so soft.

Although the material is mainly polyester, the carpet is as soft as cotton.

It also serves as a statement piece to spice up your doorway or dining room!

5. Plush

By a landslide, plush Ruggable rugs are the softest! These rugs are made of faux fur with padding on the bottom.

This makes your carpet so soft that you’ll want to sleep on it.

Plush Ruggable rugs are great for areas that don’t encounter a lot of activity. Some users noted that they might shed.

So, they’re not convenient for doorways or living rooms.

Why Are Ruggable Rugs So Special?

Rugs aren’t only great for home decor, but they also serve the purpose of protecting your floors.

They keep your house warm and decrease friction between your feet and the ground.

However, it can get annoying when your rug slides off the floor.

That is why Ruggable rugs exist! The manufacturer uses simple physics to decrease friction.

Ruggable rugs feature the Cling Effect technology.

In a nutshell, the way these rugs are made enables you to remove the rug’s cover and reattach it to the pad.

You can adjust it from the surface to smoothen any wrinkles and bumps, and it makes it easier for you to clean the rug.

The rubber pad increases traction, so the rugs don’t slide under your feet.

What Are Ruggable Rugs Made Of?

A Ruggable rug comes in two pieces.

One is the bottom layer that sticks to the ground, and the other is the top layer, which is the rug itself.

The bottom layer is made of thermoplastic rubber and polyester.

The polyester is recycled, and the rubber is entirely latex-free.

The top layer is a thinner rug made of recycled polyester and topped off with polyurethane—a water-resistant material.

The perks of polyester are that it’s a soft material that doesn’t require much attention when cleaning.

The rugs use sophisticated and sustainable materials, which is why they’re usually on the pricier side.

Other Benefits Of Ruggable Rugs

Ruggable rugs come with several benefits on top of being soft.

Unfortunately, common rugs usually come with many downsides, like the worries of cleaning them or how your pets might react to them.

Luckily, Ruggable rugs solved all of these issues!

1. Non-Slip

Non-slip rug

Ruggable rugs make your home much safer by using the two-layer method.

The pads are made of rubber, so they don’t slip at all.

The top layer ensures that your rugs aren’t just made of hard, rugged rubber.

It combines the softness of the rug and the steadiness of rubber to make the perfect Ruggable!

So, if you have any kids running around, you don’t have to worry about them slipping.

2. Pet-Proof

Rugs can sometimes be made of harsh materials that can affect your pet.

That’s why pet owners need to be selective with their rugs.

Luckily, Ruggable rugs don’t use any harsh chemicals.

They’re mainly made of different polymers that either consist of natural or recycled materials.

All Ruggable rugs are completely pet-safe, and your pet will love them because of how soft and gentle the polyester is against their skin.

3. An Easy Wash

Rugs can be a hassle to clean. You need to vacuum and pressure wash them.

Sometimes, you even need to send them to a dry cleaner, which can be pretty expensive.

Don’t you wish you could plop it in the washer like a smelly shirt?

Well, you can do that with Ruggable rugs!

Because the top layer is thin, even the biggest Ruggable can fit into a standard washing machine.

4. Diversity

Ruggable rugs come in a variety of designs for all kinds of customers:

  • Modern designs,
  • Bohemian designs,
  • Tribal designs, and
  • Persian designs.

They even come in six different sizes as well as three different shapes.

The sizes start from 2 by 3 feet for any entryway and go as big as 9 by 12 feet if you want to carpet your living room.

5. Sustainability

If you’re worried that the perks of Ruggables come from unsustainable materials, then there’s nothing to worry about.

All Ruggables are made of biodegradable or recycled materials to reduce carbon footprint and tackle global warming.

That is also why they’re washable.

The manufacturer’s main goal is to keep customers from throwing away rugs and instead clean them to reuse them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Set A Ruggable Up?

Laying down your Ruggable is simple.

Make sure that the area you’re laying the rug on is vacuumed and dirt-free. Then, put the rubber pad first.

Roll the top layer with the front surface facing inward.

Then, roll it out on the rubber pad, smoothing out any gaps or wrinkles as you go.

The top layer is bigger than the bottom layer, so don’t tuck in the excess area.

The corners of the rug are weighted down, so it stays put.

Does The Softness Fade Away As You Wash It?

At the ten-month mark, you’ll notice that your Ruggable will shrink a bit.

However, the material will stay the same if you use fabric softener every time you wash it.

The softness shouldn’t fade unless you use the wrong detergent or washing machine cycle.

Plush carpets might lose their softness because they shed.

However, other textures will remain just as soft as you bought them.

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