Where to Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen?

microwave placement in small kitchen

In a small kitchen, it's important to place the microwave carefully to save space and keep the kitchen functional. The microwave can be stored in an upper cabinet, in a microwave drawer under the counter, or installed over the range to free up counter space and serve a dual purpose.

A built-in design can make the microwave blend in with the cabinets for a clean look. Another option is to place the microwave under the counter or in a specific spot designed for it in the kitchen.

A multipurpose cart can also be used to move the microwave around as needed, or the microwave can be mounted on the wall to save space. The best location will balance practicality and the kitchen's style.

Utilize Upper Cabinet Space

To effectively use a small kitchen, install the microwave in the upper cabinet space to save counter space. This placement makes the microwave easily reachable and increases workspace. Make sure the shelf is strong enough to hold the microwave's weight and that the cabinet structure is robust enough to support it safely.

For a clean kitchen design, place the microwave at a convenient height on a shelf that accommodates its depth, allowing room for the electrical cord. Consider using a trim kit to integrate the microwave with the upper cabinets for a more finished appearance, hiding areas that may collect dust.

The goal is to combine practicality with style, making the best use of upper cabinet space while maintaining the kitchen's look and functionality.

Consider a Microwave Drawer

A Microwave Drawer is a space-efficient option for small kitchens with limited counter space. Installed below the countertop within cabinetry, it offers a built-in appearance that can enhance kitchen aesthetics. Besides saving counter space, it minimizes clutter, making the kitchen appear more organized and spacious.

Designed ergonomically, the drawer allows easy access at a convenient height, which can be especially helpful for those with mobility issues or households with children. The pull-out function facilitates safe handling of hot dishes.

By choosing a Microwave Drawer, homeowners can free up space that would otherwise be occupied by a traditional microwave, potentially increasing storage for other items. These microwaves are designed to ensure proper air circulation for safe and efficient operation.

Opt for Over-the-Range Installation

Installing an over-the-range microwave conserves space and combines cooking functions in small kitchens. It is especially useful when counter space is limited. These microwaves also function as a hood vent, although their ventilation may not be as powerful as standalone hoods. Despite this, the benefit of saving space is significant.

Over-the-range microwaves are installed above the stove, which not only saves counter space but also places the microwave at a convenient height. It is important to consider the depth of the microwave and the space needed for the power cord to ensure a flush fit with the cabinetry.

For those who prefer not to have appliances on the counter, an appliance garage is an alternative. However, for kitchens with very limited space, an over-the-range microwave is often the best option to maximize the space available.

Incorporate a Built-In Design

Incorporating a built-in design allows homeowners to efficiently use space in a small kitchen by installing a microwave into the cabinetry. This not only frees up counter space but also creates a cleaner look. Proper planning is necessary to ensure the microwave fits well with the surrounding cabinets and drawers.

One must carefully select a location for the built-in microwave that does not interfere with kitchen workflow or the use of other cabinets. The cabinet opening must be accurately measured to fit the microwave with enough space around it for ventilation as per the manufacturer's instructions.

A trim kit may be used to give the built-in microwave a custom look, filling any gaps between the appliance and the cabinet. It is important to choose a trim kit that matches the microwave model and the cabinet size.

The height at which the microwave is installed should be safe and ergonomic, allowing for easy access without the risk of injury or discomfort.

Explore Under-Counter Options

Under-counter microwave models are compact and save space in small kitchens. They fit within cabinetry, keeping counters clear for food preparation and creating a cleaner look. These microwaves can make a kitchen appear larger and more organized.

However, they may be less accessible as they require bending down. Some people use microwave stands to raise the height for easier access.

Under-counter microwaves integrate well with kitchen layouts, preserving the area's functionality and aesthetic. They are practical for small spaces, keeping kitchens functional and uncluttered.

Create a Microwave Nook

To create a microwave nook in a small kitchen, repurpose a cabinet or shelf to save space and keep the kitchen organized. Choose an unused cabinet or part of the pantry to place the microwave so it's hidden yet accessible, freeing up counter space. If cabinets are unsuitable, consider a shelf in a kitchen island for a built-in look.

Alternatively, a wheeled stand can offer flexibility, allowing you to move the microwave as needed. This option is practical for small kitchens, as it can be stored away when not in use.

Invest in a Multipurpose Cart

A multipurpose cart offers a practical solution for small kitchens with limited storage. It provides a stable surface for a microwave, without taking up valuable counter space. Available in various sizes and styles, these carts can match different kitchen designs and space constraints. They feature shelves and drawers for storing kitchen items, helping to keep the area tidy.

These carts are also mobile, thanks to their wheels, allowing for easy movement and flexibility in a compact kitchen. You can use them as additional workspaces or to hold a microwave and then move them out of the way when not in use.

Investing in a multipurpose cart can enhance the functionality of a small kitchen.

Mount on the Wall to Save Space

Mounting a microwave on the wall saves space and can turn a small kitchen area into a more practical cooking zone. By placing the microwave at eye level, counter space is freed up for other uses. This is especially helpful in small kitchens where space is limited.

Wall-mounted microwaves are convenient and stylish. They are easy to access and help keep the kitchen looking tidy. Proper placement prevents the need to bend or stretch, which is better for user comfort and safety.

A wall-mounted microwave also allows for a more open kitchen design, making the space look bigger and more welcoming. It can visually integrate with other built-in appliances for a cohesive and upscale appearance.

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