4 Main Reasons Why Curtains Haven’t Gone Out Of Style

Stylish curtains

With glass homes trending and dramatic window arches reappearing, people aren’t sure whether curtains are still in style.

Why bother with a curtain when you can cover your windows with shades? Or even better, you can install privacy glass.

So, are curtains in style?

Curtains and Style

Curtains are indeed in style, and they’re not expected to go out of style anytime soon. With their versatility, it’s hard to find an efficient alternative.

Let’s see why curtains will never go out of style and how to keep them trendy.

Why Are Curtains Considered Outdated?

The reason people think curtains are outdated is the trending minimalistic styles.

Now, everyone wants to cover their windows with blinds, shades, or nothing at all.

Glass homes are also putting new rules for contemporary interiors, and curtains aren’t part of the plan.

Besides, shades are easier to clean without taking them off, so they’re the obvious choice for offices and companies.

Despite all that, curtains are still pretty much in style.

Of course, it depends on how you style them to match the modern standards.

Needless to say, Renaissance-style curtains are outdated.

Instead, today’s interiors call for pleated curtains or some minimalistic drapings.

Your curtains will stay in fashion as long as you don’t go for something extravagant or layered.

Why Won’t Curtains Go Out Of Style?

As good as shades and blinds are, they can’t entirely replace curtains for many reasons.

Here are some reasons curtains will hardly go out of style.

1. Unmatched Privacy

Curtains provide unmatched privacy, offering complete coverage to the windows and the inside of your house.

Meanwhile, the alternatives don’t provide the same.

Shades, for example, keep your home’s inside on display when they’re open, and it’s pretty easy to snoop through them.

Curtains, especially dark ones, give you a sense of protection.

2. Keep Dust Outside

Have you ever wondered why curtains are a hassle to clean or why they need frequent cleaning?

It’s because they keep collecting dust every day, and while that makes their cleaning a bit challenging, it also means they’ll keep the dust from ending up on your surfaces.

If you don’t have curtains, you may come home every day to find your tables covered in a thin layer of dust.

That’s especially if you live in a crowded area with plenty of car exhaust.

The same can’t be said about window blinds and shades, which don’t offer sufficient protection from dust.

3. Temperature Control

Because curtains are made of fabric, they offer sufficient insulation.

As a result, they prevent heat loss in the winter and keep the insides cool in the summer by reducing heat gain.

Different fabrics also offer different insulation levels, so you can control the temperature inside your house as you prefer.

We can’t say the same about window blinds, which are mostly made of plastic or metal.

4. Incredible Versatility

As efficient as blinds and shades are, you can’t exactly put them to use in a classically designed house.

They’d look so out of place next to a Louis XV chair or a French chaise lounge.

They mostly only match modern interiors, unlike curtains, which you can use with any interior design if you know how to style them right.

You can use bright curtains in eclectic interiors, neutrally-colored curtains in modern interiors, and draped velvet curtains in classic French interiors.

The list goes on; you can make great use of curtains’ versatility.

Timeless Curtain Designs for Your House

If you’re afraid curtains are becoming outdated, you have nothing to worry about.

Aside from the fact that you can use them in any way you like, there are some timeless curtain designs that you can always depend on.

You can’t fail with the following ideas.

1. Crown Pleat Style

Crown pleat curtains are designed to match endless interior designs.

They go exceptionally well with modern rooms, especially if they’re neutrally colored.

Besides, they’re minimalistic and blend into the background without taking the attention away from your furniture.

Crown pleat curtains are often mounted on two sides so that you can draw them both at once.

They’re easy to pull off for cleaning, making them a favorite of house owners.

2. Grommet

Grommet curtains are a perfect choice for modern interiors.

They come in both long and short drapes, although the short ones are more common.

Additionally, they’re secured to their rod using metal rings, making them easy to move around.

Grommet curtains offer a sleek look that blends well with most modern styles.

If the curtains come in light shades or neutral colors, you can use them in any room.

3. Hemp

Hemp curtains

Hemp curtains are becoming more popular every day because of their sustainability.

With the rising global warming concerns, people are looking for sustainable alternatives for almost everything, and fabrics are no exception.

Hemp is a sustainable material that offers excellent insulation.

It keeps the heat out in the summer yet traps it inside during the winter, making it a good choice for areas that experience both seasons.

Needless to say, hemp curtains aren’t going out of style anytime soon—not with the dangers of global warming knocking on our doors day and night.

4. Velvet

Velvet never goes out of style, and curtains are no exception.

Velvet curtains are reappearing lately, and you can see them in every corner of furniture exhibitions.

They go well with classic and traditional styles, but you can make some arrangements to match them to modern interiors too.

Because of their heavy weight, they’re ideal for cold areas.

In addition, they offer pretty good insulation, which may help reduce the energy bills if you don’t use the heater as much.

5. Wave Header

Wave header curtains are sleek and minimalistic, making them a frequent choice in modern houses.

The way they’re designed, they stay folded when they’re fully open, making them ideal for rooms with small wall spaces.

One of the main advantages of wave headers is that they keep the curtain track hidden.

So, you don’t have to bother with it or match it to your decor.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about grommet curtains, which need extra attention to hardware because the metal rings and rod are blatantly obvious.

One more advantage of these curtains is that they can be mounted from the ceiling without compromising their look, which gives the windows a taller look and makes them look larger than they are.

Are There Better Alternatives to Curtains?

The main alternatives to curtains are blinds, shades, and shutters.

Blinds are made up of slats that tilt to open or close, and they’re often made of wood or plastic.

Shades are made of fabric and don’t have slats like blinds.

They’re usually one piece of fabric that covers the window, rolling up when you want to open it.

Meanwhile, shutters are basically parts of the window.

They’re made of wooden slats surrounded by a frame within the window’s frame.

They let the sun inside, making them a good choice for sunny areas, but they don’t offer enough protection from dust and debris.

All of these alternatives are good in some situations, but curtains are more versatile and can match more interior styles.

Plus, they’re the best at keeping the dust out.

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